The 3 hottest stops on your summer InterRail safari


What three stops on your next InterRail adventure are unmissable in 2016? Check them out here! Clues: tulips, a wall and a street parade.

So you have discovered Europe’s rail-worthiness and are picking out your InterRail stops for the adventure of a lifetime. Exploring Europe by train is one of the most freeing experiences. Your journey suddenly becomes completely flexible leaving you in charge to decide the ‘when and where’s’ instead of fretting about flight connections or trying to find reasonable prices. Do this summer by train and be sure to pick cities that will fill you with wonder, culture and laughter. Here are three stops on your next InterRail adventure that you can’t afford to miss:

Stop one: The city of canals and tulips


Amsterdam is a must-stop when trekking around Europe. This city is filled with historical moments, culture, art and entertainment.

Picture yourself breathing big breaths of fresh air while you sit at a flower-filled café as the sun warms up your cheeks. The capital of the Netherlands is all about relaxing, taking it slow and letting your mind wander down its canal-lined streets. Take some time to refresh and then dive right into the top three attractions; the Anne Frank House, Rijksmuseum and Van Gogh Museum.

Anne Frank House


© Anne Frank House, photographer Cris Toala Olivares

Millions of people have picked up the published version of Anne’s diary and been shocked and saddened by the events it details, but not everyone has had the chance to step into her reality. As an important part of Holocaust history, a trip to the attic where the Frank Family hid from the Nazis is unmissable. Visiting the Anne Frank Museum is not just to walk through a space hidden by a bookcase; it is to be reminded of a time not so long ago where hate took over. Inside you will find a number of exhibitions including items from the eight people who hid in the annex as well as some short films that piece their stories together. As this is a hugely popular attraction, we recommend grabbing tickets in advance.



© Rijksmuseum 2014 John Lewis Marshall

Pack your museum brain and make your way to Rijksmuseum, a national museum filled with arts and history. The incredible collections inside were once found at The Hague, but in 1808 they were moved to Amsterdam and became part of the largest art museum in the country. When you step inside you will be greeted with familiar, famous works and interesting pieces you could never have imagined. Art lovers will need a good four hours to make their way around, so be sure to save enough time!

Van Gogh Museum


© /

Be sure to step into the mind of the misunderstood genius that painted the world in ways we will never forget. The Van Gogh Museum is dedicated to the works of this troubled artist, covering its walls with incredible strokes of beauty. Some of his famous Self-Portraits can be found here, along with paintings such as; The Potato Eaters, The Yellow House and Wheatfield with Crows.

With a room right on the canal at Radisson Blu Hotel, Amsterdam you are within walking and biking distance to these top three museums. Why not hire out a bike and pedal your way through the city instead of using public transport? Green Budget Bikes are just down the road from the hotel and offer normal bikes, tandems and more.


Anne Frank House 1.5 km

Rijksmuseum 1.5 km

Van Gogh Museum 2 km

Stop two: The city that pulled down its wall


TV-Tower and World Clock at Alexanderplatz © visitBerlin, Foto: Wolfgang Scholvien

Berlin is saturated in culture and controversial history making it a place that will interest every kind of traveler. Learn the story of the monumental wall and its fall at Checkpoint Charlie and the Berlin Wall Memorial.

Checkpoint Charlie Museum


© Mauermuseum Checkpoint Charlie

The location of Checkpoint Charlie, a famous symbol for the Cold War, is located right in the heart of Berlin. This crossing point is the most well-known and is a popular attraction. Today there is still a checkpoint booth, albeit not the original, so you can see how people would have passed through. Right by the guard house, there is also a private museum known as Checkpoint Charlie Museum that you shouldn’t miss. See their exhibitions detailing the story of the wall and walk around yourself, or have a guide take you through while explaining the significance of the items and displays as you go.

Berlin Wall Memorial


© Berlin Wall Foundation, photo by J. Hohmuth

Another excellent place to help wrap your head around the divide of East and West is the Berlin Wall Memorial. At the memorial, you can find a 60-meter section of the wall, a Chapel of Reconciliation, a Documentation Center on the wall and a window of remembrance with photos of those that died there trying to cross the border. Start your trip at the Visitor Center to get an idea of the grounds and watch the short film introducing the wall before going to discover this dark piece of history.

East Side Gallery


© gary718 /

If you want to see even more memories from the past and fill your Instagram with thought provoking pics, you are in luck. Over 100 artists decorated the east side of the Berlin Wall in the 1990s and these paintings are still on display today. Head down to the East Side Gallery and let the cool, and sometimes abstract works, tell stories of peace, despair and hope.

Berlin will be a favorite stop for those interested in history and is sure to please photographers with its unique murals depicting times under the shadow of the wall. If you would like to stay central and close to these attractions, then stay at Radisson Blu Hotel, Berlin. The hotel is right by Alexanderplatz, where the peaceful revolution known as Alexanderplatz Demonstration took place. This demonstration led to the fall of the wall and is a popular attraction. Walk across to the square and check out the Weltzeituhr, a giant world clock that has become an icon for the city.


Alexanderplatz 850m

Checkpoint Charlie Museum 2 km

Berlin Wall Memorial 2.3 km

East Side Gallery 3 km

Stop three: The place to party this summer


© Alexander Chaikin /

When on any Interrail adventure, you should try to time-up your visits with big events when possible. Although Zurich is probably already on your visit list, here is another reason why you should hop on a Swizz-bound train in August.

Zurich Street Parade

If you have arrived in the sunny Swiss city of Zurich and want to put your party pants on, then you have chosen the perfect month for it. Each August the streets fill with partygoers, famous DJ’s, dancing and love. This year in 2016, the Zurich Street Parade takes place on the 13th starting at 1pm and finishing at midnight, but throughout the whole weekend you will find parties across the city, meaning this is the weekend to be in Zurich. The parade is all about excellent techno and house music, freedom, generosity and tolerance and attracts around a million people each year – talk about a party!

Guests at Radisson Blu Hotel, Zurich Airport can take the S16 train to Zurich Stadelhofen and be within 10 minutes’ walking distance to the starting stage. With a room at Radisson Blu you wake up close by the airport for any early bird flights, or you can hop back onto the InterRail trains and continue exploring the wonderful and ever diverse Europe.

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