The 5 Best Day Trips from Shanghai

Not sure what to do in Shanghai? Get out and about with Radisson Blu’s guide to Shanghai day trips, from the picturesque water village of Zhouzhang to the traditional silk factories of Suzhou.


Tour a Textile Factory in Suzhou


Known first and foremost as one of China’s ancient water villages, Suzhou is also the epicentre of the country’s silk trade, with dozens of textile factories producing the famed fabric by the metre. Take a tour of the Suzhou No.1 Silk Mill and see the creation process from start to finish before choosing a silk-made souvenir to bring back to Shanghai.


Dine on Dumplings in Nanxiang


The original home of China’s famed soup-filled dumpling, xiaolongbao, Nanxiang is the ultimate Shanghai day trip for path finding foodies. Dig in to this local delicacy at its birthplace, Guyi Gardens, or tuck in at any one of the city’s restaurants, which serve up these dumplings by the basketful. Once your belly is full, embark on a stroll through the manicured grounds of Guyi Park, or simply make the easy, one-hour journey back to Shanghai’s city centre.


Connect with Nature on Chongming Island


© Joshua Wickerham

A welcome departure from the hustle and bustle of Shanghai’s CBD, this offshore oasis is home to an abundant collection of native critters, including more than three million migratory birds that take flight between September and March each year. Also the site of Dongping National Forest Park and Shou’an Temple, this 1200 square kilometre island has something for culture seekers and outdoor enthusiasts alike.


Scale the Mountainside in Sheshan


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An accessible day trip for travellers of all activity levels, this family friendly hike requires just 15 minutes to reach the summit. But the panoramas from this mountain peak aren’t Sheshan’s only attraction. Once you’ve taken in the view from the top, there are plenty of other sights to see, including the Shanghai Sculpture Park, the Sheshan Basilica and the Happy Valley Amusement Park.


Wade Through the Water Village of Zhouzhuang


Rife with canals and ancient stone bridges, this picturesque water village is the perfect destination for travellers who want to steal a glimpse of Old China. Complete with architecture from both the Ming and Qing dynasties, this 900-year-old township is best explored aboard a Chinese gondola, with a local guide wading you through the waterways.


Ready to escape Shanghai for the day? Speak to the friendly staff at Radisson Blu Shanghai New World to organise your tour of the city’s surrounds. When you return, the tranquil comfort of your room or suite will be ready to soothe your senses, providing the perfect retreat after a day of adventure.

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