9 ridiculously good Lebanese dishes you need to try [in pictures]


Heading to Beirut or want to bring a little piece of Lebanon into your kitchen? Here are 9 delicious Lebanese dishes you need to taste and try.

If your kitchen needs a bit of Beirut or you want to explore some new foods then you need to check out these delicious tasty treats. Lebanese food is hearty with sugar, spice and all things nice. Test out these recipes yourself, you are bound to love them!

1. Kibbeh


Lebanon’s National Dish is calling your name, tempting you to crunch into its crazy delicious fried exterior to let those sautéed pine nuts and spicy minced meat waken up your tongue. Yum. Make them at home with DedeMed’s recipe.

2. Kafta


The Kafta is a happy little lamb, beef or chicken meatball, filled with onion, parsley, breadcrumbs and spices. These guys are barbequed on skewers or served in a gravy. Saveur have a lamb recipe to get you started.

3. Kanafeh


© Maureen Abood/Rose Water and Orange Blossoms

Sweeten up your day with this sugary cheese pastry smothered in orange blossom syrup. Cheese, sugar and butter are best friends in the Kanafeh. Want to make your own? Get ready to drool with Maureen Abood’s Blog.

4. Hummus


Carrot sticks taste so much better with a huge scoop of hummus on the end! This chickpea, garlic and tahini blend of happiness is perfect for nibblies before dinner. Suzy at The Mediterranean Dish shows you step-by-step how to make delicious hummus.

5. Rice Pilaf


© The Lemon Bowl

Rice is a super staple in Middle Eastern countries and Lebanon knows how to spruce it up. It is traditional to add fried vermicelli noodles and serve it with other delicious Lebanese meat dishes. Want a perfected recipe to try? The Lemon Bowl’s chef Liz, shares some secrets into making it just right.

6. Fattoush


Any salad with something deep fried inside is a good salad, and that is just what you can expect with Fattoush. With crispy lettuce, bread and veggies, this is an ideal ‘I want to feel like I’m eating healthy, but still taste something’ dish. We especially liked A Cedar Spoon’s recipe – try it yourself.

7. Manakish


Bread topped with thyme, sesame seeds, sumac and olive oil, this ‘Lebanese Pizza’ is a popular breakfast food but can be enjoyed all day, every day. Learn a little about the manakish and try out the recipe at the food blog.

8. Tabbouleh


Ooh how we love Tabbouleh! Parsley, mint, tomatoes and a bunch of other yummy stuff come together to make this die-hard side dish. Want to make a traditional Lebanese version? Mama’s Lebanese Kitchen has what you are looking for.

9. Sfeeha


Meat pies are always a good thing and in Lebanon they have their own version with an optimal meat to pie ratio. With no lid hiding the scrumptious insides, your eyes can start feasting on the good bits as soon as it hits the table. The Chef in Disguise has some great tips for when making sfeeha.

The only thing better than trying out these foods in your own kitchen, is making the trip to the source. Take your taste buds on a seriously sweet holiday and make Beirut your next destination. Radisson Blu Martinez Hotel, Beirut offers stylish, upscale accommodation for those wanting a delicious stay from beginning to end.

Did we miss your favorite Lebanese dish?

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