Antwerp adorned with summer colors

Antwerp statue

In the Flemish region, Antwerp's renowned diamond know-how cannot be outshined and its designers, fashion or otherwise, offer a feast for the eyes.


As soon as you reach the entrance of the Radisson Blu Astrid Hotel, you will admire the magnificent work of the American designer Michael Grave (1934-2015) in some of our rooms, with a style that is instantly recognizable. If you are lucky, you might even stay in one of the rooms overlooking the sumptuous Antwerp Central train station (1905).


Antwerp station


The birthplace of Rubens, Antwerp is a region of art and culture and takes real pride in claiming this status. In addition to its prestigious Diamond Museum, located a stone's throw from the hotel, which has diverse collections, a laboratory, as well as a workshop for Antwerp diamond cutters, the most populous municipality in Belgium has numerous other museums. Up until September 17, visit the Musée d’Art Contemporain to discover the "Quatre Futurs" of Professor Jim Dator. That is unless you prefer to explore the Indian roots of Antwerp cocoa at the Museum aan de Stroom, alongside the Willemdok (until September 3, 2017).


Antwerp statue


A few minutes' walk south, Meir and its surrounding narrow streets will let you in on the secrets of seasoned fashionistas: the major retail brands Uniqlo, Primark, and Urban Outfitters rub shoulders with luxury brands such as Diesel, Hermès, and Ralph Lauren. An exceptional haunt on a delectable outing.


Last of all, whet your appetite with some Antwerpse handjes or "Antwerp hands" and, during this gastronomic stroll, savor the aromas of Nome's kitchen. On a terrace bathed in summer light, chef Kristof Van Hove will transport between France and Jacques Brel's Flemish homeland.

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