The Antwerp Six: Discover Your Favorite Fashion Districts

The Antwerp Six: Discover your favourite Fashion Districts

If you’re a city lover and you've had a taste of New York, Paris, London or Milan – make sure Antwerp is on your bucket list. This Belgian city is the Walhalla for fashionistas and foodies alike. Six neighborhoods pack all the local and international sensation you need. Antwerp is every fashionista’s paradise.


First off are the Station and Meir neighborhood. To savor your stay to the full, make sure you start your journey at the Grand Central station! The majestic architecture and the pop-up displays are a great way to kick-start your day. Every bus, map, tram or taxi is at your fingertips. Happy feet? We agree the best way to get lost in a city is step by step. If you take the exit ‘Astridplein’, continue on to the Radisson Blu Astrid Hotel and drop your bags to start your shopping journey. The exit ‘Keyserlei’ will lead you to a big lane surrounded by historical buildings and the Meir, the main shopping street of Antwerp. All your favourite brands, and some surprising boutiques get to show off on this popular spot.

Hey, Big spender!

If you want to be a big spender (or even just a look-a-alike), discover ‘Quartier Latin’ in the Theatre district. Ladies and gentlemen can shop any luxury item in any fabric, or pamper themselves with everlasting beauty products. The goodies in this neighborhood will fill up your imaginary walk in closet in a heartbeat. Stay on a Fashion High and continue to the ‘Wild Sea’ district for a great lunch and more boutiques. It is much known for being one of the coziest neighborhoods.

72-dpi-FashionMap_DriesVanNoten_6581_-® Johannes Vande Voorde

The beating heart of your shopping spree should be the Fashion Disctrict. It is the home of the Antwerp Six, like Dries Van Noten and Ann De Meulemeester. It provides you with a deeper connection with the Antwerp lifestyle and it harbors the city’s style monuments: The MoMu Fashion museum, Het Modepaleis and the Flanders Fashion Institute. You can find them along the Nationalestraat, one of the most hip and happening streets where young Fashion Academy graduates start their career in one of the many flagship stores. If you consider yourself an original, the Kammenstraat is your hipster get away street and will plunge you into a more alternative and casual atmosphere.


Vintage vibes

Designer lovers should immediately head on to the Kloosterstraat where old and new European antiques are waiting for their new lucky owner. Second hand shops, modern art galleries, urban interiors, bohemian fabrics or pop art gadgets create the perfect blend. On weekends, locals greet you with new and second hand trinkets at their local markets. Relax at one of the coffee and tea shops to treat yourself during shopping breaks. To get away from it all, take the elevator down at Sint- Jansvliet plein and walk out the long Saint Anna tunnel to Linkeroever. Turn either left or right for a stunning view of Antwerp by the water. Then take a deep breath and repeat all over again, as much as you want.

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