Dubai´s Megastructures

Why do we have such a fascination about building the ultimate structure? Throughout history, man has built unimaginable structures and buildings, and nowhere else is this more evident than in Dubai.
We have strived to reach the gods, to touch the skies and to build something that will stand the test of time and live forever. Either in the name of man or the divine. Architecture so complex and beautiful that it imposes a sort of evangelism. The seven wonders of the world are a testament to our undying effort to build structures that are absolutely mind-blowing.
The Great Wall of China, the Great Pyramid of Giza, and Christ the Redeemer in Brazil, are all elaborate and amazing feats that astonish us and provoke a feeling of immense respect and humbleness. We always strive to build bigger, stronger, faster and more grandiose. When it comes to doing this, Dubai is a powerhouse; a world class champion of builders. A place that continuously takes on audacious projects to solidify their position as a mega city.
The majestic emirate and cosmopolitan metropolis that we recognise today is a total transformation from what is originally was back in the early 90’s. It has involved many years of hard work and dedication. With an outrages ambition, Dubai has become a global city for business and culture, and a home to an array of fantastic world-famous buildings.
To The Sky
The Burj Khalifa dwarfs previous record holders as the world’s largest building with over 300 meters, and is one of the greatest achievements in engineering history. It is truly a wonder of the world.
Stretching 5.5km into the Arabian Gulf, the Palm Jumeirah is so vast that it is visible from space. It is another absolutely remarkable construction; a structure everyone thought could never be built. Today, it stands as a testament to the resilience and determination of Dubai.
Dubai is a city of firsts. A city that is larger than life, where you’ll see and experience things you wouldn’t think possible. The vastness of it all can be overwhelming and daunting, but extremely rewarding. The city has so much to offer you cannot miss the opportunity to visit.
If you ever find yourself in this magical city, you will want to pick a perfect place to sit and contemplate at the marvelous wonders surrounding you. The Tamanya Terrace at Radisson Blu Dubai Media City lets you take in the unforgettable view of the Dubai Skyline as the sun casts its final rays on the city.

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