Bodø is seeing an explosion in business travellers to its region. However, the region has a lot to more than work to offer its visitors.

Many important industries play a key role in putting Northern Norway on the map. With all three of Norway’s major airlines flying to Bodø regularly from many destinations, this city has found its place as an exciting new business centre. There are many thriving industries in Northern Norway, from aviation and defence, fishing and marine, to education and tourism. Who would not want to go on a business trip with an inspirational backdrop of some of the most incredible and unique scenery in the world? 

Natural Wonders

Even though you may be on a business visit it is hard not to be distracted or impressed by the natural beauty and cultural attractions of the local area. Bodø Cathedral is the religious heart of the city, with its unusual basilica architecture. You can also go for a Sea Eagle tour, which will take you to the best locations for spotting these majestic birds that dominate the sky in this area. This is the largest bird of prey in Europe, and with a wingspan stretching the full length of a grown man, a truly unforgettable sight. Learn about local heritage by visiting the ancient remote trading post, Kjerringøy where buildings dating back to the 1800s have been well preserved. This is not only like stepping back into time, but also a breath-taking experience with its stunning surroundings. Glacial horns rise from white, sandy beaches, which can’t be compared to anything else. 

Be at one with the distinctive nature embracing Bodø and take a hike in the surrounding mountains. Or why not visit the world’s strongest natural whirlpool, Saltstraumen just outside the city? The ultimate natural experience is, of course, if you are lucky enough to experience the northern lights in the winter months. If it is sporting activities you want, try a late night session on the golf course in midsummer, when it never gets dark. These are just some of the impressive highlights of this region and there is much more to explore.


If you’re lucky enough, you might experience the incredible sight and sound as the fighter jets fly low over the sea and mountains of some of Norway’s most incredible scenery. The Norwegian Aviation Authority and the Civil Aviation Authority are based here, as well as the largest air base in Norway, the Norwegian Defence Headquarters. The city is also home to the headquarters of one of the country’s major airlines, Widerøe, which services many small destinations in Northern Norway. If aviation is something which lies close to your heart, it’s also worth noting that the Norwegian Aviation Museum (Norsk luftfartsmuseum) can be found in the outskirts of the city. It displays over 10,000m2 of military and civilian aircrafts and helicopters and gives a great indication to the strength of this industry in Norway.

Business and Education

Norway is a country that has long attracted international business guests and residents who may stay short or long term. This is especially the case in Bodø. With the presence of the university and the type of industries which the area is known for, as well as the spectacular nature, the region is a big draw for researchers and employees from abroad. 

The rugged coastline of Northern Norway means that it’s ideal also for the fishing and marine industry. Bodø is actually the largest fishing municipality in Nordland, and is especially known for the herring industry. Tourism also plays a large role in life here, and an endless stream of cruise ships dock in Nordland during the summer months. Seeing the ships towering over the harbour area is often an attraction in itself. The north and south bound coastal express ferry, Hurtigruten, also brings in a steady stream of visitors to the city, as well as being a lifeline to rural coastal towns.

Traditional Local Cuisine

When on a business trip it’s an easy option to grab a quick bite to eat. To do this when in Bodø would be a shame, as there are so many local culinary delights to choose from. These include Boknafisk (cured cod) or bacalao (locally dried and salted cod in a tomato based sauce) or fårikål (lamb and cabbage stew). The local spirit, Aquavit, makes the perfect accompaniment with such traditional Norwegian cuisine. If you have a sweet tooth, make sure to get a taste of the region’s local specialty Møsbrømlefse. This is a type of griddle cake filled with sour cream, syrup and melted Norwegian brown cheese.

A business trip to Bodø is a unique opportunity to see some of the best Norway has to offer. It is worth setting aside some leisure time to fit additional activities into your busy schedule.  Experience the culture, heritage, nature and inspirational food of this unique destination. Convenient business accommodation at the Radisson Blu Hotel, Bodø offers everything you need to work from your hotel room in comfort. There is also the added bonus of its location in the heart of the city, placing you within easy reach of all of the above. Bodø is more than just business.


What would you choose to set aside some time for when on a business trip to Bodø?