A new meeting experience

Over the last few years, the business brains at Radisson Blu have been busy working on a game-changing concept designed to make business meetings work harder for everyone involved. Called Experience Meetings, this radical rethink of how business events should be organised and hosted has new been perfected.

It’s based on six brand new principals; good food, good spaces, environmental awareness, free internet, a rewards program and 100-percent guest satisfaction; which combined, make a fresh new business offering that rewrites the agenda.

The nutritional part is called Brain Food and rests on some simple guidelines. There is plenty of fish, lean meat and whole-grain foods, and fresh fruits and vegetables in abundance.

The second part deals with the meeting space itself, which in Radisson Blu’s most advanced version is the ‘Brain Box’. All meeting rooms are of the highest standard, but the select Brain Box rooms take this one step further, making the most of colours, lighting, furniture, ornamentation and temperature.

Environmental awareness is achieved through the Think Planet program, which includes offsetting CO2 emissions and eco-labelling hotels as well as more hands-on features such as low-energy lighting and efficient air conditioning.

Finally, all efforts by any Radisson Blu employee before, during, and after a meeting or event aim at 100-percent satisfaction for the client.

 The nutritional part is called Brain Food

Get on board at a Radisson Blu near you
And what better way to roll it out then in with a roadshow to spread the idea the length and breadth of the land? Calling at key Radisson Blu venues, the Experience Meetings brings the full power of the new concept to a location near you, capturing imaginations and leaving a lasting impression. Step inside and you’ll be totally immersed in the emotions of this amazing experience within an immersive and engaging Radisson Blu environment.


Experience it
On board, your group of ten will be guided through the Experience Meetings concept by Radisson Blu in a 20 minute show. You’ll also receive a memorable product presentation with impactful AV, a cookery demo from a Radisson Blu head chef, sample the delicious menu and get the chance to pick up great prizes in the after-show interactive session.


Take something away with you
You won’t just leave with an idea of what amazing things are on the agenda when you team up with Radisson Blu to hold your meeting, you’ll also receive a great gift as a reminder of the day. Plus, everyone who attends will be given the opportunity to win a trip to the Radisson Blu Resort & Spa, Dubrovnik Sun Gardens.


Miles more effective meetings start here

Having started on 11th June at the Radisson Blu Edwardian Hotel, Guildford, the Experience Meetings Roadshow will run over a 6-week period, covering key locations throughout the UK & Ireland. Radisson Blu has invited more than 1,000 meetings and events agencies, and corporate companies to attend the event.

For further information please contact Julie Deighton, Carlson Rezidor Hotel Group: Julie.deighton@carlsonrezidor.com or 0207 208 6149.