What’s the quickest way from Switzerland to Brazil?

Think of the most important thing that’s happening between June 12 and July 13. Then think of the first two words that enter your head.


World Cup? Or business meeting?


Now unless you’ve just returned from a trip to Mars, we think the first choice may be straight in the back of the net. So how do you make sure the latter option doesn’t get in the way of the first?


Right now, there are two clear options.


Sick as a parrot?
First off, reach for the phone and call in sick. Chances are you are not alone, as sick leave has seemed to increase over the course of the Brazil World Cup thus far, with every reason from mystery back pain to unexplained headaches being given to explain a bad case of World Cup fever!


In fact, according to internet sources a staggering one in 10 of us will make a bogus sick call to get to watch a match or recover from the effects of over-celebrating last night’s win.


Or over the moon?
Of course, we know you’re far too conscientious and dedicated to even consider doing that.


So, with the use of minimal soccer punnery, here’s some news that may just make you relish the thought of doing business as the world’s biggest football-fest rolls on towards its conclusion at Rio’s Estádio do Maracanã.


Winning business packages at Radisson Blu Switzerland locations
To make sure that your business get together, meeting, or event takes place with maximum World Cup spirit, Radisson Blu are pleased to announce the addition of Soccer Champion packages to the team of business deals available at Basel, St. Gallen, Lucerne and Zurich


Firstly, free high-speed wireless internet access in every meeting room and public area will ensure you never miss a goal. Or email, of course.


Then, the menu of Brain Food, with various starters, main dishes and desserts chosen to help you achieve cerebral perfection, will keep you alert and attentive all the way through to extra time.


You’ll need it too, because not only are all the available meeting and conference rooms fitted with the very latest AV equipment from KFP Swiss AG to make sure you don’t miss a second of that PowerPoint (or Neymar) slide; but you’ll also find bonding with your colleagues is even easier thanks to Nintendo WII and table football to help you show off your skills at half time.


What better excuse do you need to book yours now?