Fall into Transylvanian fantasy at these Romanian castles

Peles Castle, Sinaia, Romania. Interior courtyard Beautiful paintings on the walls

Don’t settle for fairytales from afar scribbled across boring white pages. Instead, come and live your own Transylvanian fantasy in Romania if you dare!

Infographic with Romanian legends, myths and facts about castles and vampires

Blood sucking bats and dark shadows lurking in the corner paired with threatening skies and world famous castles are going to make your vacation creepily fantastic. Here are some snapshots of some of the best places to get lost in a magical moment (and hunt vampires).

Corvin Castle (Hunyad Castle)

Corvinesti Castle - Hunedoara, Romania

This stunning structure was originally a fortress boasting a super cool drawbridge, buttresses and knight’s hall, but due to its beauty, it became a royal residence in the 14th century.

Medieval Hunyad Castle inside in Romania

Corvin Castle and its pointy Gothic style towers is perfect for a ghoulish experience. Check out the torture chamber and bear pit and see where Vlad the Impaler (often confused with Dracula) was said to be kept captive for seven years!

Peles Castle and complex

Famous Peles Castle in Romania

One of the best things about choosing Bucharest as your Van Helsing base is that you are right near two of the best castles in the country, Peles and Bran.

Peles castle inside paintings on the walls Romania

Peles was once the residence of the Romanian royal family and every centimeter of its structure screams wealth inside and out. Feel like a princess as you step into this luxurious dwelling and stand tall like a Lord as you walk along red carpets under high beams of dark wood.

Pelisor Castle Sinaia Romania.

Inside the complex, you will also find Pelisor Castle, extravagantly decorated by the ‘Artist Queen’ Marie of Edinburgh. The large windows and glass ceiling mean you surely won’t find any members of the undead here, but your fairytale senses will be tingling when you enter the gold room. Even the walls glitter in gold in this unbelievable space.

Bran Castle – The House of Dracula

House of Dracula in Bucharest - Bran Castle

Garlic cloves in your pockets, a cross around your neck and a vivid imagination will all have you beaming at Dracula’s house in Bran Castle. This ominous building is perched on a hill in the rugged Transylvanian countryside overlooking a forest full of secrets, legends and (perhaps) myths.

Bran Castle in Romania - Inside the courtyard

Although the original work from Bram Stroker detailing the life of Dracula places the infamous villain in Bran Castle, Bram actually never visited Transylvania. His stories are based on descriptions of the castle so when visiting you will be able to experience even more than he ever did.

Interior of Bran Castle aka. Dracula's Castle in Brasov, Romania

If you want to visit Bran Castle and Peles Castle in a day then the best option is to take Get Your Guide’s tour to them both. The meeting point for the tour is right outside Radisson Blu Hotel, Bucharest, so if you are staying with us, you won’t have to go far. If you are more of a lone ranger and want to do the hunt on your own, then check out Romania Tourism’s info on day trips.

Fagaras Fortress

Medieval Fortress in Romanian country Transylvania

In the town of Fagaras, you will come across a quaint fortress by the water. Originally, the fortress was used as a ‘wives’ residence’ for the wives of Transylvanian Princes, much like the Hungarian ‘city of queens’, Veszprém.

Fagaras Fortress in Romania - Wooden door with lock

When you come inside you will be able to walk along the footsteps of people from centuries passed. Head into the museum and library to learn about Fagaras’ history and how it was used as a prison in the 1900’s.

And special treats along the way

Medieval castle in the countryside of Romania in the Transylvania region

When traveling around the Romanian countryside, you can stumble upon beautiful masterpieces and medieval castles at every turn. This country is bound to open your imagination to all that exists in fairytales and legends. With such magnificent architecture and compelling stories, you are sure to feel a little magical when you leave.

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