Flowery Brussels: A Stunning Flower Show at Grand Place

Brussels Grand Place rainbow

Bringing the beauty of nature to Brussels, the Belgian capital is currently captivating everyone's attention with its spectacular flower carpet made of thousands of begonias covering the famous Grand Place. Every summer the stunning square, a must for architecture fans, turns into a unique, colorful scenery. The iconic flower carpet consists of more than 600.000 begonia flowers which are all cut and assembled by hand - a one-of-a-kind, absolutely gorgeous spectacle! For the occasion of the colorful event the splendid City Hall gives the public access to normally closed quarters, offering visitors a stunning view over the breathtaking Grand Place and flower carpet from above. The next Flower Carpet event runs from 16 to 19 August 2018.

Brussels Grand Place flower carpet

A flower carpet, you said?

A flower carpet in the middle of the unique Grand Place? Yes, really, thanks to the fruitful collaboration between two amazing artists. During the 50s, landscape architect Etienne Stautemas started creating flower carpets, with begonias being his favorite. When teaming up with designer Mark Schautteet, the carpets started to get bigger and bigger, with more colors and growingly sophisticated designs. Throughout the years, the duo went on to create more than 180 carpets all over the world: in Ghent, Bruges, Cologne, Luxemburg, Paris, London, Amsterdam, The Hague, Vienna, Valencia, Buenos Aires and Columbus (Ohio). But, as the famous artist said himself: “Nowhere else is the carpet as magnificent and distinguished as on the Grand Place of Brussels”.

Brussels Grand Place

Brussels Grand Place flower carpet by night

Tips & tricks for visiting Brussels' flower carpet

  • To avoid queues and the big crowds, come early in the morning, 30 minutes before the opening (around 10h00) or late at night just prior to closing time (21h30) to enjoy the beautiful view as the sun sets over the Grand Place
  • Get a birds-eye view from the City Hall for €5,- and enjoy the stunning panorama of Brussels and the entire carpet design at once!
  • Craft lovers are invited to arrive one day prior to witness how the Flower Carpet is made and designed by more than 120 volunteers
  • Did you know that the Brussels City Hall at the Grand Place hosts weddings the whole year long? If you want to feel like a queen and a king on your special day, greeting passers-by and guests gorgeous balcony overlooking the Grand Place, this is for you.

Summer in Brussels

Fun fact:

Brussels' Grand Place is ranked among the most beautiful places in the world and is part of the World Heritage list by UNESCO since 1998. A long time ago people were burned and beheaded in public here, surrounded by the many guild houses, the City Hall and the King’s House "La Maison du Roi". Later it turned into a market place, and nowadays it's a spot known for various celebrations, hosting events such as The Ommegang, The Beach Volley Tournament, The Belgian Beer Weekend, The Meyboom, The Winter Wonders Christmas Market, and much more.

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