Give participants something to talk about

Whether your meeting is about networking or team building, brainstorming and innovation or celebration of an event, it can be a good idea to surprise people from the very start.

Choose an unexpected venue, or set up a framework in the room that generates good atmosphere, positive energy and inspiration. When the participants are subject to positive emotions, they are more likely to open their minds. And a positive dialogue between the delegates is the best start of your meeting or event!

If you are planning a reception, jubilee, awards ceremony or the celebration of something special, the choice of an elegant or pleasant venue is a huge advantage and sets the mood from the outset. The 100-year-old Radisson Blu Strand Hotel on the waterfront of Nybroviken in Stockholm is one such venue.


The room itself can be informal and relaxed, to prevent hierarchies from barring the way for of creating relations between the delegates. Equally, you may choose to start the meeting in the informal setting of the hotel’s Summit Bar at the Radisson Blu Scandinavia Hotel in Oslo, which affords superb views over the city and its surrounds.


To optimise networking opportunities amongst the delegates during the breaks, you should take floor space into account where people can mingle and talk with each other. You could for example choose a setting that offers opportunities for networking, whether sitting or standing. At the Radisson Blu Scandinavia Hotel in Copenhagen, the furniture allows for various ways of placing the participants in groups, for example.


Blog-Post-Image-1100x720-04The brainstorming and innovation meeting requires people to think 'outside the box', to bounce ideas around and be daring. Why not consider holding the meeting in a completely different place, for instance surrounded by natural beauty, which in itself is inspiring. A change of frame changes the game! One suggestion is the Radisson Blu 1919 Hotel in Reykjavik, which is not only central to the city but close to Iceland's unique natural environment.


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