Top five Serbian specialties and restaurants in Belgrade

When traveling to a new country an important part of experiencing the culture is exploring the local kitchen and food traditions. Here’s a guide to five Serbian specialties and where to eat out in Belgrade. 


Five must-try Serbian specialties


The cuisine in Serbia is a typical Balkan mix of Asian and South East European dishes. Grilled meat, sausages, local cheese and breads are popular. Vegetarians will also be happy to learn that the country is also famous for it’s wide use of vegetables, both fresh and cooked. Either way, here are some recommended specialties:

  1. Roštilj: a plate of grilled meat or chicken usually stuffed with cheese and wrapped in bacon.
  2. Pekara: Serbian bakeries, found all over the city center, with a wide assortment of breads, sweet and savory pastries, sandwiches and pizza. Make sure you try these with the local yogurt drink.
  3. Kajmak and Ajvar: Respectively, a cross between cream cheese and butter, and a savory spread made out of roasted red peppers. Both good on local, fresh bread.
  4. Pljeskavica: The Serbian version of a hamburger, bought from fast food restaurants all over Belgrade.
  5. Ćevapčići: Probably the most famous dish in Serbia, its also known as Ćevapi. Consists of minced meat, pork or beef, shaped like small sausages and grilled. Eat with diced onion, Kajmak and Ajvar. A really tasty and cheap dish.


Where to sample local dishes in Belgrade


There are many restaurants in Belgrade and these are the 5 most popular ones for having some local dishes. Both atmosphere and food is important and you’ll not be disappointed by our picks.

1.        Radost Fina Kuhinjica

Neither vegetarians nor meat eaters should think twice about going to Radost Fina Kuhinjica. This amazing restaurant, which name means ‘joy’, focuses on tasty, healthy food. It offers a menu of traditional Serbian dishes mixed with fresh smoothies, and new recipes from all over the world. Everything is homemade from organic ingredients, with a lot of love and care.

2.        Zavicaj

At Zavicaj you’ll feel like you’re in the countryside, with waiters in Serbian dress and local artworks and artifacts hanging on the walls. The restaurant is part of a chain, but the ethno décor makes the atmosphere really good. The menu also matches the authentic feel, making it a memorable experience.

3.        Mala Fabrika Ukusa

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If you want to try some local food with a modern twist, pay a visit to Mala Fabrika Ukusa. This family-run restaurant is located in Belgrade’s Old Town, surrounded by beautiful architecture and lush gardens. It offers a calm and pleasant atmosphere, mixing local produce and modern cooking techniques, making it truly unique.

4.        OMB Larder and Lounge

Find yourself in modern surroundings at the brand new OMB Larder and Lounge Restaurant, which celebrates Serbian culinary tradition and uses creative cooking techniques. This place is dedicated to sustainability and tries to use as local produce as possible. Visit for an effortlessly stylish experience.

5.        Moritz Eis

Top your night of with a sweet treat at Moritz Eis. This ice cream kiosk embraces the Serbian gardens, with organic fruits and vegetables. Taste delicious ice cream with classical flavors such as vanilla and chocolate, or be a bit crazy and try one of their new, unpredictable recipes. You’ll definitely not be disappointed.

Belgrade has many culinary experiences just waiting to be explored, and no matter where you choose to dine out, or which local specialty you try, you will be guaranteed to get the taste buds flowing. Stay centrally at the brand new Radisson Blu Old Mill Hotel, Belgrade to make your visit as pleasant as possible.

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