How to get unforgettable wedding photos in Letterkenny

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A white, stunning dress looks best next to a loving man in a tuxedo surrounded by family and friends in beautiful, tranquil surroundings. In Letterkenny, L most definitely stands for Love.

Check out our guide to Letterkenny’s best locations for an outdoor wedding for unforgettable wedding photos. Letterkenny bride-to-be Diane or “Donegal Bride” shares her best tips and tricks to help you plan your big day in the Letterkenny area.

Diane is recently engaged and is currently planning her dream wedding next New Year’s Eve. She decided to create a blog to help other brides in their preparation and share her experience. Radisson Blu Hotel, Letterkenny was her choice of venue after the successful, dreamy wedding her sister had before her.

"Stephanie and her husband Jonathan were over the moon with The Radisson so knowing that I've chosen them for my wedding too is an added bonus", she says. "The day was magical. Firstly, seeing her so happy was the best part for me and secondly, seeing the entire day go fantastically from start to finish."

Many brides may become overwhelmed when they start planning their wedding because of the vast amount of options on the internet. Diane says it’s easy to get lost in dreams and wishes, but that it’s important to remember to stick to the budget.

"A budget is in place for a reason and it’s important not to go overboard on what you are spending. But in saying that if there's something that we really want then just try to figure out a way to include it somehow whether it be through a DIY project or making changes on my budget list. The possibilities are endless, which is the fun part", she says.

When it’s time to decide where to make the wedding memories everlasting there are several great options in the Letterkenny. Below is our top five list of locations that will suit any wedding.

1.      The majestic mansion

Elegant bride and groom in front of mansion

The grand estate of Oakfield Park, a Georgian Deanery, is a true playground for any couple wanting a garden-like backdrop for their photos. It was built in 1739 and has been altered and rebuilt by local families and owners throughout the years, making it the paradise it is today. The estate includes woodlands and parklands, a large swan lake and an abundance of beautiful, colourful flowers. The park, often referred to as “the secret jewel of Donegal”, provides an array of interesting scenery perfect for any couple. This is the ideal place to get your “walk into eternity” shots along the treeline or “long romantic gaze” photos while looking at the majestic swans.

2.      The National park

Couple on cliff

If you want to add a bit of drama to your photos, what can be better than heading to Glenveagh National Park, displaying the dramatic Irish nature? This photoshoot will require planning, as the area spans over some 16,000 hectares with several perfect destinations to visit. Feel like royalty when posing on the ornate steps of Glenveagh Castle or smell the roses in the Pleasure Garden or the Walled Garden, both in classic Victorian Garden style. Head over to Lough Veagh for those jaw dropping “us against the world” photos displaying the best of nature and yourselves.

3.      For the love of boats

Bride and groom running on the beach

If you’re planning a maritime theme, nothing beats Rathmullan Beach. The colours of the sunset are perfectly mirrored in the still waters by the marina, pier and sea garden. Take off your high heels and feel the sand in between your toes. This is the time to lower your shoulders and think about how incredibly happy you are. Let the wind play with your long, white vail while the photographer works his magic and get those perfect snapshots you’ve always wanted.

4.      A classic theme

Bride and groom in old building

You simply cannot go wrong when choosing a gallery as your photo venue. Two buildings and a fantastic garden comprise the Glebe House and Gallery and at this location, it’s not only about the outdoors. If you’re worried about the Irish weather and want a plan b just in case, this is it. The nostalgic, beautiful furniture will make for an intriguing contrast to the light fabrics and the white shades of your dress making it will look as though you’ve stepped into a beautiful painting. If the theme of your wedding is slightly quirky or different, the Glebe House is highly recommended.

5.      The full package

To make your day stress-free, why not opt for an all-in-one solution? At Radisson Blu Hotel, Letterkenny you can choose a full wedding package which includes a planner to help relieve the stress and narrow down the options. Choose between round or long tables to fit all of your beloved guests and pick the details that fit your own personal style. This venue is perfect for a weekend celebration or an unforgettable all-day event that is sure to fulfil all of your bridal fantasies.

Diane’s choice of photo venue is still undecided. As it’s a winter wedding it might be difficult to try to fit in a photo shoot before dark, but she’s got a plan for that too.

"To be honest I wouldn’t mind putting my dress on another day to go and capture the type of photos I dream off at an outdoor location. Location is very important to me and we live in such a beautiful county so it's a compete shame to waste that. And who doesn't love an excuse to put their wedding dress back on?!"

In other words, there is always a solution. Remember to relax and enjoy the preparations. It’s half the fun!

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