New restaurant: Radisson Blu Filini, led by award-winning chef Rasmus Sørensen

The Filini restaurant in Radisson Blu Scandinavia Hotel just opened its doors a little while ago, offering new, exciting interpretations of traditional Italian dishes. The kitchen is ruled by no other than Rasmus Kofoed Sørensen, an award-winning chef of the Danish national culinary team.

“Our cuisine is a reinterpretation of the classic Italian kitchen. The dishes offer the best of the Italian and Nordic cuisine. We have spent a long time making sure to have simplicity, intense flavors and a perfect balance”, explains the 29-year-old Rasmus Kofoed Sørensen who not only worked at the restaurants Babette and Geist, but also refined his cooking as a member of the Danish national culinary team. Recently he received a bronze medal in the Denmark’s Best Chef 2016 competition!

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At Filini, he is committed to make dishes with an intense, authentic taste served with a Nordic twist and based on high quality ingredients.Together with his team he has worked hard to ensure a refined menu driven by good taste and Italian simplicity that sends the taste buds on a tour around Italy. Attention to detail is a must: “For example, we have worked on getting just the right sweetness from the tomatoes to suit the individual dish”, Rasmus says, adding: “The Nordic touch comes in as a natural addition that complements the dishes well. I am very proud of the result and look forward to welcoming our guests.”

Filini, which focuses on a casual dining experience, wants to appeal to both hotel guests and locals. Here, you can both sip this year’s big comeback, Aperol Spritz, along with eating tasty antipasti – or you can enjoy intense, Italian signature dishes added Nordic finesse together with a glass of full-bodied Barolo La Pieve.


“In big cities like New York, London and Barcelona it is normal to enjoy a drink at a hotel bar and dine at a hotel restaurant, even if you do not live there. This is a trend that we begin to see more of in Denmark. We have put a huge effort into creating a modern restaurant, where you can get good food, wine and delicious drinks in a casual setting with an international atmosphere. We hope that Copenhagen will take this concept to heart,” says Steen Gartmann, General Manager at Radisson Blu Scandinavia.

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