Radisson Blu Brings Super Breakfast to Super Children in Brussels

There's nothing more fulfilling than realizing how much of an impact a volunteer can make. Volunteering makes the heart grow larger and fonder, and not only that enriches a big travel experience, but it reminds you of your own humanity.


This Monday we went to “La Flèche” children's home, as part of our Responsible Business program. Together with volunteers from Radisson Blu Royal, coordinated by the Responsible Business team, we filled up our call with all the necessities for a delicious and healthy breakfast!


Since Super Breakfast makes Super Children, we shared a lovely breakfast with 48 wonderful children, then proceeded to a creative Super Hero workshop. The best part? In the end, we taught Gregory how to be a real photographer!

Gregory the photographer2

The kids were full of energy and eager to learn about everything, so it was easy to fit in their group. The opportunity to volunteer with these kids that were less lucky than us in their start of this long journey, called life, is absolutely fantastic.

Gregory the photographer4-2

They led us in their world of simplicity, fairness and equality, and we all agreed that we kind of liked it.



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