Riga Raises the Bar for Business and Pleasure

business in Riga - panorama of Riga, Latvia with a view to Daugava river.

Business trips can be challenging for some, especially if it’s a part of your job role on regular basis. Away from home while attempting to focus on tasks ahead can prove difficult if you’re in an unfamiliar environment. Recently, there has been a shift in the list of Top 10 cities which are becoming popular choices for hosting businesses according to the American Express Meeting & Events Global Meetings Forecast 2016. With Riga now positioning at no 9, here are just some of the reasons why.

The perfect setting

One of the main reason this wonderful city earned such recognition is because of value. In and around the city you’ll find reasonably priced goods and services in comparison with most European cities. Simply put, you can do much more with your money without sacrificing on quality.

The centre is also very easy to reach from the airport. Taxis cost around 8euros depending on the firm. Then there’s the regular bus (no.22, services are generally very punctual) for only 1.15 euro from the ticket machines available at the stop. Once in Old Town, you’ll find the area embraced by a winding canal connecting to the main river Daugava. A perfect surrounding for slow, leisurely strolls. Very important when you need a well-deserved break to refresh your mind and rejuvenate your energy. Riga is proud of its well-preserved heritage buildings, some of which are Unesco-listed areas. Among them is one of the largest collection of Jugenstile architecture available just north of the city. The old town itself (closer to the river) is paved with romantic cobble streets and these are within easy reach from each other.

business in Riga - birdeye view to the city of Riga, rooftops and the bridge over the Daugava river.Another note to make is many visitors comment on how pleasantly clean the city is. Check out some of the parks by the canal and the newly modernized Arts Museum (due to open in May this year) and other galleries to immerse yourself in a truly cultural experience.

business in Riga - Narrow street leading to the St. Peter church in Old Town of Riga, Latvia.Food for thought

In and around the Old Town, you’ll find plenty of good restaurants to suit your taste buds. But for an authentic experience, we’d recommend visiting the City centre (north east from old town, away from the river). Here you’d be welcomed by smaller sized, stylish eateries dotted around varying from elegantly decorated interiors to rustic and trendy spots. This is the area where you’d find yourselves dining with the locals. Not only do they provide typically better-priced food, you’re also likely to come across authentic Latvian cuisines in both modern and traditional style which includes locally-sourced fresh produce.

Why not try the range of Latvian beverages to wash your dinner down with? Many local beers here surpasses majority of commercial brands that I've tasted in both flavour and freshness. Some of our personal favorites include Piebalgas, Užavas and Valmiermuižas.

Feeling a little more adventurous than being waited on? This city boasts of having one the largest market in East Europe which spills out from 5 large pavilions to the surrounding areas outdoor. This is a lively place to taste some local delicacies.

business in Riga - Famous places and building architecture of Riga city. Riga, Latvia.Tools

Latvia recently came among the top in a recent survey studying the proposed and updated progress of European countries to be connected to the internet. It’s certainly powerful and the coverage is impressive. What this means for you is connection available literally at your finger tips. On top of this, you’ll find that many hotels in Riga are well equipped with conference rooms which includes Radisson Blu Riga’s being the largest in the Baltics.

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