Stay Safe and Sound with Radisson Blu

While the last thing anyone wants to think about when enjoying their long-awaited vacation, or even their important business trip, is the potential for their safety to be compromised; this is an important issue for many responsible hoteliers around the globe – including Radisson Blu.


Our guests’ safety while staying with us is obviously something we take very seriously. That’s why we've gone the extra step and partnered with the internationally recognized security consultancy Safehotels Alliance to make sure our hotels’ staff are prepared as possible for any situation that may occur.


In December 2014, the Carlson Rezidor Hotel Group signed an agreement with Safehotels. This agreement made Carlson Rezidor the first major international hotel group using the acclaimed independent certification program to benefit guests, employees and owners. So far over 59 Radisson Blu hotels have completed the Safehotels official certification process with more hotels in key destinations on their way to achieving this certification in 2015.


What does that mean for you, our guest? Well, in addition to meeting local regulatory requirements and our internal brand operations and security standards, hotels that are awarded this certificate have also been independently surveyed and you can rest easy knowing the hotel has things like updated safety and security procedures, training programs and incident response protocols. The certification survey provides an independent verification that the hotel actually does work in a structured way to keep guests safe.



“It is a great honor to attain this type of certification. Serving and taking care of guests is our core business. Safety and security is the base of that core, and having an independent certification confirms that our foundation complies with a solid, internationally recognized standard”, says Paul Moxness Vice President, Corporate Safety and Security



“Safehotels certification confirms that the hotel focuses on key elements of guest security relating to personal property and has appropriate response plans if ever there is an accident or any kind of emergency. The certificate shows the hotel is sincere in its guest’s personal well-being. Being independently audited and certified yearly by Safehotels strengthen the value of that communication immensely. The Carlson Rezidor Hotel Group has taken the already high level of internal precautions one step further by signing with Safehotels”, says Hans Kanold, CEO for Safehotels Alliance AB.


Just another way Radisson Blu continues to ensure our guests the best and safest stay possible.

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