This flat country is yours

UNESCO World Heritage - exterior of Brussels Grand Place.

Whereas Brussels glorifies Victor Hugo's love for his daughter, Adèle, Brel imagines him dreaming and dancing to the rhythm of men and crinoline-clad women in the place Sainte-Catherine.

Come and tread the city's cobblestones as they did. Located only a few steps from the Grand-Place, a UNESCO World Heritage site, the Radisson Blu Royal Hotel Brussels is nestled behind the old-fashioned elegance of an art-deco façade. Drop off your luggage in a luxurious room that will bring you enchanted nights and restful mornings.

UNESCO World Heritage - interior of Brussels Shopping gallery.

Equipped only with your natural curiosity, set off to discover the most beautiful city hotel in Belgium, "a stunning fantasy that could have been conjured up by a poet yet was created by an architect", noted Victor Hugo. Stop at the King's House built in flamboyant gothic style, now the Museum of the City of Brussels, then try one of the tasty waffles of the Maison Dandoy with a creamy scoop of ice cream. In a nearby street, the Galeries Royales Saint-Hubert house, under a sublime, bright glass canopy, luxury boutiques and the famous Théâtre Royal des Galeries: from April 19 to May 14, you can enjoy Michael Frayn's timeless comedy, Noises Off.

To the north of the hotel, you can explore the Belgium Center for Comic Strip Art which, at this start of spring, houses the illustrations of the talented Gipi. To the south of the Grand-Place, the Mont des Arts eagerly awaits the visit of fans of culture. Feeling hungry? Pierre Marcolini will satisfy all of your chocolate cravings, while the Chaloupe d’Or perfectly encapsulates Belgium traditions within a historical decor. For a sweet treat, the Chocolate and Cocoa Museum invites you to sample its truffles and pralines.

UNESCO World Heritage - Manneken Pis, small bronze sculpture, symbol of Brussels.

A few streets further on, at the corner of rue de l’Étuve and rue du Chêne, the sun flushes the cheeks of the Manneken-Pis, which has given rise to so many Brussels' legends. "With the Northern Sea as terminal waste land/ And waves of dunes to halt the waves/ And with vague rocks which the tides override/ And which forever have their hearts at low tide/ With an infinity of mist in the making/ With the westerly, listen to it holding/ This flat country of mine."

Come and celebrate the “International Day for Monuments and Sites” on the 18th of April, and visit one of UNESCO`s World Heritage sites in Brussels!

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