This is why Prague is a foodies paradise

Colorful dessert from The Alcron Restaurant

Whether you’re a foodie or just like to try something undeniably delicious, the Alcron Restaurant should be at the top of your to-do list when in the Czech capital.

In Prague you are guaranteed to end up with something great on your platter. With an excellent selection of restaurants and options ranging from traditional, delicious courses to sophisticated and complex dishes there is something for any food-lover in the Czech capital.

The Czech cuisine

Delicious dish from The Alcron Restaurant


Though you might not find super-healthy salads on a typical Czech menu, there is sure to be something you love. Among the favorites are the traditional pork roast, dumplings, sauerkraut, potato soup and apple strudel. You typically start the meal with a delicious soup followed by a meaty main course. Sides often consist of either dumplings or variations of potato or cabbage paired with a suitable pivo or beer. The meal is completed with a yummy, sweet dessert such as honey cake, crepes or fruit-filled dumplings.

The Michelin experience


Any foodie knows that a city has not been properly explored before the local Michelin restaurants have been checked out. In Prague, you can choose between two that are truly shining bright on the map of restaurants. We are about to take a dive into the world of the sophisticated Alcron Restaurant, through the eyes of Sous Chef, Pavel Býček.

Introducing the Alcron


It has been described as the city’s best seafood restaurant and outranks the competitors time and time again. The Alcron has now been awarded a Michelin star for four consecutive years. So what is the secret to this immense success? Pavel tells us the secret to being on the forefront of the gastronomy scene in Prague. He has worked in the kitchen alongside the talented Head Chef, Roman Paulus, since 2012. He tells us that the team spirit and dedication of his co-workers are the most important ingredient to their tremendous success. “We simply play as a team where each of us are here for a reason,” he says.

An exclusive evening

Alcron Restaurant - new - s vinem_small

The restaurant opened in 1932 and to this day still bears its jazzy trademark interior with plush, purple chairs and its grand mural. As it only seats 24 guests at a time, dining here  is truly an intimate and special experience.  Naturally, the seats fill up rather quickly and weekends are fully booked one and two months in advance. Pavel tells us the menus change every second month to fit with seasonal ingredients but there are a few signature dishes that remain on the menu. When asked to pick out a perfect three-course menu for us Pavel’s answer is clear. “Everything we offer in our menu is delicious and worth a try. If not, it wouldn’t be there.” He does however strongly recommend the Tuna sashimi or seared scallops as they are fantastic.

Creative cocktails

Special cocktail - Be Bop Bar

The Alcron Restaurant is housed at of the Radisson Blu Alcron Hotel, Prague, which also houses the popular art-deco style Be Bop Lobby Bar. With Jan Martinik steering the ship, this bar has become a popular hangout for locals and visitors alike. After spending a few years gaining experience from different bars, he returned to the hotel in 2014 to revive the bar’s beauty.

“My vision for the Be Bop Lobby Bar is clear, each guest at the bar must enjoy it as much as we do. Guests will not go to the bar to get bored after a long exhausting day, but to gain enthusiasm and energy for the next one.”

Jan Martinik

 Be Healthy - creative drink - Be Bop lobby Bar

The drinks and cocktails are designed with exaggeration”, he explains. Each bartender has their own style and individual skills to entertain and please the guests. Jan’s personal favorite drink is the rare 1957 Macallan Scotch Malt Whisk. ” It´s unique, just like our bar.”

What truly stands out in this bar is the presentation of the drinks. Anything from creative outbursts to seasonal decorations is to be expected when you order. Get ready for the night of your life starting with an unrivaled gastronomic journey through bold flavors and ending with uniquely presented cocktails.

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