10 facts that will have you booking a trip to Malta

Malta landscape of land and water, old city and traditional colorful boats

From being climatically incredible to having the best diving, snorkeling and swimming spots, the Maltese Islands need nothing more to be the perfect vacation destination. Not a fan of the water? Charming cultural experiences and awesome timeless architecture await you. Here are ten fun facts you didn’t know about the islands of Malta, Gozo and Comino, that will have you planning your next vacation to Malta before you know it.

1. A Colossal Climate

According to International Living Magazine, Malta has one of the best-rated climates in the world, allowing you to swim even in the winter months. If you're looking for blue skies and clear waters, you've found just the place! If the Blue Lagoon in Comino Island proves to be just a small glimpse of the wonderful wonders that await you in Malta, then be sure to read on and you’ll be booking flights before #9.

Blue Lagoon Comino Island in Malta

2. First Class Films

Quality of natural light and weather conditions are perfect for filming and photography in Malta, meaning many filmmakers come here to bring their imagination to life on-screen. See snippets of these magical islands in World War Z, Kon-Tiki, The Da Vinci Code, Troy, Gladiator, The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen and of course, the ever popular HBO series Game of Thrones. Are you a big fan? Make sure you walk around the series past filming locations and relive the scenes in The Red Keep with a Game of Thrones tour. The very popular Popeye Village, still stands as it was in the 1980 musical production starring Robin Williams as the spinach-loving sailor.

Popeye Village in Malta

3. The Deep Blue

The famous Blue Hole is found on the island of Gozo and simply put, it is pretty cool. This swimming spot is like a vertical chimney, connecting you to the ocean a few meters below. It is home to fire worms, sea horses and octopi making it an interesting dive site. You can access this bucket-list dive with ease from the Radisson Blu Resort & Spa, Malta, Golden Sands.

Blue Hole in Gozo, malta

 4. Sensational Sunken Ships

After WWII, sunken ships are a plenty. The depths surrounding the Maltese Islands have more than their fair share of awesome shipwrecks to explore, including the P29, dubbed as one of the 10 most incredible sunken ships on earth. Watch this video by Aquatica to see what is waiting for you to discover.

Sunken ship - diving in Malta

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5. Forest Free Yet Fantastic

Malta is a natural beauty but has a grand total of 0% forest coverage. Caves, cliffs, an exciting underwater world and beaches that will turn you green with envy are just some of the amazing nature experiences native to the Maltese Islands. Although there are a little less trees than other vacation destinations, the animals don’t seem to care. There are plenty of birds, reptiles and cute little hedgehogs to be seen and admired.

blue lagoon Comino island Malta Gozo

6. The Curious Calypso Cave

Malta has a cave of legends. This is said to be the place where the beautiful Calypso kept Odysseus a prisoner of love for seven years in Homers’ ‘The Odyssey’. While the Calypso Cave is cool, the views of Ramla Bay are another reason to make the trip to the island.

View of Ramla Bay from Calypso Cave in Malta

7. Motorcars in Mdina

The incredibly beautiful fortified city of Mdina in the Northern area of Malta was the nation’s old capital from the antiquity to medieval times. and only lets residents and those with a special permit drive on its roads. Driving can be tricky for some visitors as on the island, you also drive on the left.

Walled city of Mdina in northern Malta during the day

8. Be the Belle of the Ball

In August each year there is a Ball of the August Moon held at the President’s summer residence, Verdala Palace. And yes, you are invited! Tickets can be purchased online!

Verdala Palace - Presidential Palace in Malta

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9. Beautifully Bright Boats…With Eyes

Fear not when riding around Malta in one of these colorful boats. The eyes painted onto the front will keep you safe and sound from any harm, as they are the Eyes of Osiris, an old Phoenician custom wherein these are painted on to protect passengers from evil spirits. So... have you booked yet?

Maltese boats with Eyes in the harbor

10. A Handsome History

The new Capital, Valletta, is one of the most concentrated historic areas in the world, according to UNESCO. Being ruled by Phoenicians, Greeks, Romans, Arabs, Byzantines and the Knights of St. John, there are 320 diverse monuments to ponder and marvel at.

There really is no better time than all year round, to visit this wonderful island nation. Regardless of what kind of vacation you are looking for, Malta is the destination. It is like a ‘pick your own adventure’ haven encased in crisp blue waters, limestone walls and enough culture to captivate and charm you endlessly.

Grand Harbor, Valetta, capital of Malta

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