Top 10 surprising facts about Super Bowl LII

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It’s not the first time the Twin Cities have set the stage for the ultimate football showdown, but it is the first time the almost-brand-new U.S. Bank Stadium has played host to the Big Game. It’s no coincidence that the U.S. Bank Stadium looks like a giant Viking ship (albeit one that crashed into a glass office building). After all, it is the home of the Minnesota Vikings professional American football team. Dreamed up by renowned architecture firm HKS, the gleaming facility opened in 2016, with a translucent roof, massive rotating doors and an outside-in design that favors natural light and views of surrounding downtown Minneapolis. It’s a temple of American football, for sure, but it also hosts big-name concerts and other major sporting events. Take a look at these staggering stats to help you get a feel for the home of Super Bowl LII and the massive event itself.

The stadium cost $1.1 Billion

The total cost of the stadium is 1.1 Billion dollars, making it the fifth-most expensive football facility ever built behind AT&T Stadium in Dallas ($1.2b); Levi’s Stadium in Santa Clara ($1.3b); Mercedes-Benz Stadium in Atlanta ($1.6b); and the forthcoming Las Vegas Stadium ($1.9b), future home of the Raiders of the NFL.

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4 Million Working Hours

It took 8,000 workers roughly 4 Million Working Hours to design and build the stadium.

The massive Nordic-inspired roof

The size of the stadium’s lightweight translucent roof is an impressive 400,000 square feet, 60 percent of which is made from Ethylene tetrafluoroethylene (basically fancy plastic). Inspired by Nordic architecture, the steep-slanted roof moves any accumulated snow toward a heated gutter, where the snow drains into the Mississippi River. The total square footage of the stadium is 1,750,000.

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66,665 seating capacity

The seating capacity for the majority of Vikings games is 66,665, though that number can expand to 70,000 if necessary. To make room for added security, media and entertainment at Super Bowl LII, the stadium is lowering its capacity to 65,000.

US Bank Stadium Minneapolis West Facade

23 suite views

There are 23 “turf suites” located on the field, about 25 feet from the action. Each suite holds 12 to 24 people, who can hang out in an indoor space outfitted with three HD TVs or hit the outdoor patio, where the floor is the turf. The per-game cost of one of these suites is well into the five figures. Talk about a suite view!

Justin Timberlake performs for free

Justin Timberlake’s payment for performing at the Super Bowl LII halftime show is…$0! Yes, that’s right. The NFL has never paid its halftime stars, arguing that the exposure performers receive—100,000,000-plus TV viewers around the world—is payment enough.

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25,000 square feet of video screens

The combined surface of the 13 LED videoboards and ribbon displays at the stadium is an impressive 25,000 square feet. The main board alone is more than 8,000 square feet, making it among the largest in the NFL. If that’s not enough screen for you, you’ll find an additional 2,000 HD TVs throughout the venue.

430 concession points

There are 430 concession points to choose from at the stadium. Food and drink options have a heavy Twin Cities focus, including fried chicken from local chain Revival and craft beer from Fair State Brewing Cooperative. If you’re not one of the lucky ones attending the event, pop over to the FireLake Grill House & Cocktail Bar where each dish is prepared with local Midwestern ingredients from Twin Cities-based food artisans like Red Table Meat Co. and Lone Grazer Creamery.

650 gallons of ketchup

The amount of ketchup the stadium will have on hand for The Big Game is about 650 gallons! That sounds like a lot until you consider that the venue will sell an estimated 32,000 hot dogs, brats and sausages on game day.


300+ original artworks

There are over 300 original pieces of art created by Minnesota artists for the stadium. That includes 250 photographs, 3,500 square feet of hand-painted murals and more than 12,000 square feet of wall graphics. Interested in street art? Minneapolis has some pretty neat murals. Check them out during your next stay.

$6,000 per ticket

The average ticket cost for Super Bowl LII is $6,000. Put in perspective, the average ticket cost for a regular season Vikings game is anywhere from $100 to roughly $300 on ticket marketplaces like StubHub.

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