Expert Tips from Hoteliers – 10 Tips to Keep Elderly Safe and Comfortable

We love all our guests and we want to take good care of you even when you’re not staying with us! Because we are strong believers of our Yes I Can! Spirit, we want to help you and your family with 10 tips from our expert service professionals on how to take care of your elderly relatives or friends.

1. Medicines and supplements

Stock up on the medicines and supplements they need the most so you always have extra.

2. Postpone unnecessary doctor visits

 Visits like elective procedures and annual checkups can wait!

3. Keep them active

Involve them in a light activity such as yoga and walks on the terrace or balcony. Good exercise is good for everyone – no matter what age!

4. Ensure their rooms are well lit and ventilated

Open the windows in their room every day to ensure clean, fresh air and sunlight. Disinfect their rooms regularly. If your elderly relatives are spending the majority of their time at home, read our 10 Tips to Keep your Home Clean here.

5. Stay connected!

Ask your younger friends or relatives to help the elderly stay in touch with their community with the help of smart phones and laptops.

6. Spend time with them

Now that you’re spending more time at home, take some time out of your schedule to play board games, organize old pictures or watch your favorite movies with them.

7. Take up a new (or old!) hobby

If the elderly members in your community have a hobby they regularly practice, join them and you could be learning something new! If they have a forgotten hobby they no longer practice, encourage them to take that up again for some good fun!

8. Personal hygiene

Encourage them to wash their hands and face regularly, especially before meals.

9. You are what you eat

Keep a check on their diet. Serve them freshly cooked meals and healthy snacks. Looking for new ideas that are healthy and tasty at the same time? Learn more on what the best 10 Types of Food to Build your Immunity are on our blog.

10. Regular health checks

Monitor their health regularly by keeping a check on their blood pressure and body temperature.

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****Disclaimer: The tips shared in this newsletter follow commonly followed practices for elderly care at our hotels around the world. Please consult your doctor and/or medical practitioner before administering any change to their medication or consultation schedule. Radisson Hotel Group makes no claims, representations or warranties, whether express or implied as to the safety, suitability etc. of the above-mentioned tips. Radisson Hotel Group accepts no liability whatsoever for any damages, losses or claims arising directly or indirectly, from or in connection with the above-mentioned tips.

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