Expert Tips from Hoteliers – 10 Tips to Keep your Home Clean


Our Yes I Can! spirit permeates everything we do, from making our guests’ stays unforgettable to ensuring their health and safety even when they’re home.  That's why we have put together helpful tips coming directly from our expert housekeepers, who undergo rigorous training to ensure our guests can enjoy a safe and comfortable stay at Radisson Hotels across the globe. Read on to discover their insights - gathered through years of experience - and learn more on how to make your home clean and well sanitized – for a real hospitality experience from the comfort of your home!

Get the basics rights

1) Latex gloves

Always wear latex gloves while dusting and sweeping to protect your hands from cleaning products which might be aggressive for your skin.

2) Wiping

Use an alcohol-based disinfectant to regularly wipe doorknobs, light switches and faucet handles.

3) Spraying

Spray all mirrors and glass windows with a dilute mixture of detergent and warm water and wipe with a dry cloth.


Ensure a clean home

4) Do your laundry!

Ensure you do laundry as regularly as possible. Change your bed sheets more often than usual. If possible, wash them in hot water. Ideally, any clothes worn during a visit out of home should be put to the laundry at the earliest. If you're a Radisson Rewards member, don't forget you can redeem your points to use our laundry service to clean or press clothing when you do stay with us.

5) Keep your washroom clean

Washrooms and toilets require extra attention. Hydrogen peroxide (available at local chemist) can be a good cleaning agent for cleaning toilets. Please follow product information and usage instructions mentioned on the bottle.

6) Spray some more

Spray bleach on all high surfaces to clean and disinfect them daily.


Resolve to Alternatives

7) Soap and water

At a time when stores are running scarce of sanitizers, a mix of soap and water works just as well. This can be used to wash fruit and vegetables as well.

8) Baking soda and water

This solution is effective in cleaning surfaces and keeping them fresh. Use a spray can to spread the solution on any surface, let it sit for 10 minutes and wipe the surfaces with a clean cloth.

9) Surgical spirit

If you happen to have access to surgical spirits, it can be very effective in killing the virus as it contains ethanol. The spirit may be used to moisten the duster and used for wiping surfaces.

10) Surface wipes

If you have surface wipes which come with virucidal properties, use them for cleaning all surfaces.

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