Expert Tips from Hoteliers - 10 Tips to Nourish your Mind, Body and Soul

It is difficult to maintain a balanced lifestyle in the middle of a pandemic and the uncertainty and worries for near and dear ones have a definite impact on our collective physical and mental health. Stress is a normal outcome and invariably disturbs our day-to-day routine which can have a far-reaching impact on our overall health in the long run. Here are a few things that our experts from Radisson Hotels recommend as part of our #RadissonCares initiatives to help manage your stress and keep you healthy during this difficult time.

While we cannot wait to welcome you to our hotels again, we can certainly hope that you will focus on yourself as much as we do through our ‘Yes I can’ spirit.

1. Learn a new skill

Personal growth is an essential part of one’s life. Leaning a new skill expands your horizons and lends a new purpose to your life. Who knows, it might be a career-defining move for you.

2. Live in the present

In retrospect, this might be for the first time we are spending a substantial amount of our time with our loved ones. By living in the present, you get to reconnect meaningfully with your family members and partners, in a way that wasn’t possible ever before.


3. Digital detox

With work-from-home being the norm for the foreseeable future, distancing yourself from your gadgets can be a real challenge. Turning off your laptop and smartphones for a couple of hours every day will help your mind unwind and focus more on your tangible surroundings.

4. Air purification

Lack of air flow allows for indoor air pollution to build up and cause or magnify lung-related health issues. Planting air-purifying plants such as the croton plant, spider plant, snake plant or money plant are a good way to combat this issue naturally. These houseplants can absorb harmful toxins from the air and clear out the air inside your houses.

5. Maintain hygiene

Cleaning should always start from the least soiled (cleanest) area to the most soiled (dirtiest) area to avoid spreading the dirt to areas that are less soiled. A homemade solution of bleach and water make for a good DIY disinfectant to clean ‘high-contact’ areas.

6. Declutter

Decluttering your physical space has a direct impact on your mental health. This practice helps you get more clarity in your life. It also helps you get rid of unwanted negative feelings and makes you feel more productive and in control.

7. Express gratitude

Practicing gratitude keeps you grounded and gives you mental peace. The simple act of expressing gratitude not only helps you reflect on the positive aspect of the present moment but also nurtures the mind to seek positivity as a practice. Why not try an app like ‘Calm’ for sleep and meditation.

8. Get quality sleep

Your body needs to rest and repair itself which only happens when you sleep 6 to 8 hours every night. A good night’s rest helps you maintain wakefulness during the day and improves your cognitive strength.

9. Hydrate yourself

Drinking water and keeping yourself hydrated is extremely important. Proper hydration helps your body stay regulated and makes it easier for your heart to pump blood.

10. "Dolce far niente"

The Italian concept is the essence of doing nothing and enjoying it. Sometimes it’s important to not obsess over being productive 24*7. Take a breather, let your thoughts take over and just appreciate that moment.

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Disclaimer: The tips shared in this newsletter follow commonly followed practices, recommended by government and health authorities as well as health and wellness experts across our hotels globally. They don’t replace or place restrictions on advice received by a health professional in any manner. Consult a doctor and/or medical practitioner before administering any change to your schedule. Radisson Hotel Group makes no claims, representations or warranties, whether express or implied as to the safety, suitability etc. of the above-mentioned tips. Radisson Hotel Group accepts no liability whatsoever for any damages, losses or claims arising directly or indirectly, from or in connection with the above-mentioned tips.

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