3 adventurous things to do in Vilnius

Balloons over Vilnius

The historic city of Vilnius offers many exiting activities for the more adventurous visitors, such as hot air balloon trips, off-road jeep tours and canoeing trips.

Lithuania’s capital, Vilnius, is not only a place for exploring great historical buildings and medieval culture, but it also offers several exciting activities that will make your stay in Vilnius memorable. If you are going to Vilnius, you should consider the suggestions listed below!

Off-road jeep tours

If you are looking for a thrilling adrenaline experience while you are staying in Vilnius, you should definitely take an off-road jeep tour. Imagine speeding through deep forests, mud tracks, and up and downhill trails. All this can be reached just few minutes outside of the city. Race with or against your friends for an experience that will be an exciting and heart-beating adventure.

Depending on which operator you choose to go with, there are many different options and tours. It is highly recommended that you take your time to find an operator that can offer a tour that can fulfil your requirements. If you want, you can even customise your own off-road tours. For example, you can set up a tactical game against your friends. Operators can pick you and your friends up directly from the hotel, and if you wish, food and drinks can be included in the price.

Touch the sky

What could possibly be better than to experience Vilnius while flying high above the beautiful Old Town in a hot air balloon? You can enjoy the balloon trip together with family and friends. Perhaps you want to surprise someone special with a romantic trip to adore the stunning scenery of Vilnius, while enjoying a refreshing bottle of sparkling champagne up in the air.

Vilnius is one of few European capital cities that offers a hot air balloon tour like this. If you are little bit scared of heights there is no need to worry. All tours operate within strict air safety procedures and all balloon tours are carefully planned according to the weather. The balloon’s captain and the crew are very professional and friendly which makes the trip an enjoyable experience.

If it is your first time on such an adventure, there will even be a post-flight ‘baptism’ ceremony, where you will be awarded with your official hot air balloon certificate. The flight itself will take approximately one hour.

Paddle down Vilnia River

Canoeing in Vilnius gives you a unique opportunity to explore the city from a memorable and impressive point of view. The Vilnia River provides you with the freedom to explore the city at its best as you follow the river downstream and paddle at your own tempo. Be amazed by the beautiful scenery and how peaceful it is down by the river, free from the stresses of the hectic city life.

Even though paddling in Vilnius is a comfortable activity, it is also a great way to get some exercise while you are on holiday in the Lithuanian capital. Dependent on which time of the year you are staying in Vilnius, it is important to remember to bring warm and comfortable clothing if you are doing outdoor activities outside the summer season.

The canoe trip will take around two hours. You will paddle your way through areas such as the Pavilniai Regional Park, the Sereikiškės Park, and the Old Town. By the end of your adventure, the river will merge into the Beris River that flows from Belarus. It is at this point you will then paddle your way back to the city centre.

If you fancy a holiday with a bit of a difference, or want to combine a European city break with a bit of adventure, then Vilnius is a great choice. From the Radisson Blu Royal Astorija Hotel, Vilnius you will find yourself ideally placed to combine medieval charm with your favourite actives for a memorable experience.

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