3 reasons why golf is best played in Limerick

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White gloves, colorful tees, sandboxes and greens will keep you occupied during your stay in Limerick so don’t forget your cap! Golfers will tell you that golf is easily the world’s best sport and they may not be wrong. Golf makes for happy hearts, gives you plenty of fresh air and is best when involving friends. So when on your way to Limerick, keep the game in mind.Visit Limerick Radisson Blu Blog Banner

3 reasons why golf is good for the soul (in case you needed convincing)

If you take a moment to research the sport, you will be bombarded with reasons as to why golf is the best game to be playing. Here are our three top reasons as to why this sport is great and should be included into your next holiday:

  • A good golfer has a happy heart.
    A full round of golf will have you walking on average six and a half kilometres (if you forgo the buggy that is). This trek alone, when repeated three times a week, is enough to keep your heart healthy. Add onto that, the weight of your clubs and you are practically pumping iron.
  • A good golfer is a relaxed one
    Picking up a driving iron and taking that swing is the ultimate stress reliever. Pair this with the extra dose of Vitamin D you’ll get and your day has ‘feel good’ written all over it.
  • A golfer is surrounded by good friends
    If not most important, a trip around the greens is always a social one. Not many sports have a dedicated watering hole where everyone comes together after a day on the fields. Golf brings people together and these social encounters result in a healthier and prolonged life and long-term friendships.

On top of this, research shows players live five years longer on average than the general population, so putting away certainly isn’t a waste of your time.

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Tee off in Limerick

There is no shortage of greens in this castle-laden county. If you are the type to bring your clubs on holiday, or like to just enjoy a few hits in the fresh air to relax, then squeeze in a game (or three) when in Limerick. You can putt with a fortress in the background or tee off into the Irish wilderness; choose your course and plan an active day out.

Your main club in the county is the Limerick Golf Club, one of the oldest in Ireland and boasting 1300 members. The course is set at around five kilometres and will start you off with a few easy shorter holes. The clubhouse will keep you well fed and the greens will keep you coming back but try to avoid Tuesday and Wednesday mornings as these days are pretty popular with the members.


Golf the greens at Castletroy Golf club

A short drive from Radisson Blu Hotel & Spa Limerick will find you at the beautiful Castletroy Golf Club. Voted one of Ireland’s top 100 golf courses, the grounds are incredibly popular due to the excellent hospitality of the staff. The atmosphere on and around the six-kilometre course is second to none and the holes here will test the skills of even the more seasoned golfer.

Chances are there wasn’t space for your clubs when you packed, but that doesn’t mean you have to miss out. These golfer playgrounds will hire them out and are perfect places to get you really feeling that holiday feeling. During your 18 holes you won’t even have to think about all the work you should be doing, after all you are prolonging your life and should to enjoy every moment. So grab a hat, gloves and some clubs and take a day out in the fresh air.


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