4 diving companies in Iceland you need to try


Don’t just choose any company when diving in Iceland. You will want to make sure you pick the best, so check out this guide to our four favorites.

Want to be completely blown away during your diving experience in Iceland? The nature here is astounding, that is for sure, but your experience is also dependent on how good your guide is. We went through and found the best diving companies in Iceland, so you can pick the perfect one to suit you.



One of the largest diving companies in Iceland is DIVE.IS. These guys are a PADI diving center and will take you to the incredibly clear waters of the Silfra fissure. This fissure is the gap between the Northern America and Eurasian continents and is simply put, pretty cool. All the diving companies will take you here due to its crystal clear waters but what makes DIVE.IS so special? If you join a scenic diving tour, the guide will drive you around the Golden Circle on your way to the dive site, but it is the service that puts these guys on top. With a #1 ranking on Tripadvisor, this company prides itself in making sure you leave absolutely loving Iceland. This company goes above and beyond to make sure your day trip is more than you could expect it to be. Their guides are enthusiastic and flexible so if ever in doubt, ask!

2. Nordurflug Helicopter Tours


Does Heli-Diving sound ridiculously good to you, or what? Nordurflug Helicopter Tours let you be the ultimate “tough guy” - or girl – whipping through the air around geysers, volcanoes and tectonic plates before heading into the deep. Their combo tour Heli-Diving is what puts them on this list. The tour lets you book a package day that will really have your heart pumping from beginning to end. Soar across indescribably breathtaking landscapes and then get ready to explore below the surface at Silfra. Nordurflug team up with the professionals at Magmadive to give you the best of both worlds, above and below the waterline.

3. Magmadive

If you aren’t looking to do any flying when in Iceland, then you can book a simple dive instead with Magmadive. Owner and diving guide, David, knows his diving sites like the back of his hand. With not a single negative review on Tripadvisor, Magmadive is certainly one of the best and is worth checking out when deciding what company to use. Normally groups are a bit smaller, meaning you will have a more personalized trip. If you are a little nervous about plunging into freezing water in a crack between two continents, then you will feel plenty reassured on a dive with David.

4. Dive Iceland


© Dive Iceland

Dive Iceland allows you to be in charge. Make your trip unique by taking advantage of their super flexible trips. Their tours have a max of four people per guide and a max of eight per group. If you choose to do the Silfra dive, then this company offers all the benefits of the other companies, however, they also include pictures from the dive in the package price. That being said, be sure to bring your GoPro or underwater camera, as you are going to want to relive this experience over and over again.

A dive in Iceland should be somewhere at the top of your bucket list, along with seeing the Northern Lights and a trip around the Golden Circle. When planning something so important you will want to have the best company to take you there. Go with one of these top four companies and you are sure to have an excellent time. Want an equally good place to warm up after braving ice cold waters? Grab a room at Radisson Blu 1919 Hotel, Reykjavik and let their friendly service and comfortable rooms make your trip that much better.

Top image © DIVE.IS

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