4 Tips for Surviving the Twin Cities Marathon

2014 Medtronic Twin Cities Marathon

Born to run? Or just in it for the fun? Here are 4 tips to help you survive the Medtronic Twin Cities Marathon in Minneapolis.

Pull your comfy colored running shoes from the bottom of the closet and locate your breezy short-shorts for the Medtronic Twin Cities Marathon. Whether you have been out hitting the track each day before the sun can kiss the ground, or your work or friends have roped you into signing up, you are surely getting some nervous jitters. But there is no need to fear, this is a race for anyone and everyone and there is still time to improve your chances of winning (or finishing) before the gun goes off. Here are some survival tips you don’t want to miss when preparing for the race.

4 tips for survival

What are some great tips for finishing your first marathon? Here are a few common ‘must do’s’ when getting ready to run the equivalent of 104 laps of a running track. Apart from the obvious few, water is important and do some training before hand, here are some tips to get you through.

Twin Cities in Motion marathon, large group running in minneapolis

Tip one, and probably the most important if you are looking to finish with all of your skin cells, is to do a fashion rehearsal run. This may sound silly, but we dare you to google ‘Marathon Chafing’ and get ready to cringe. Cotton is a big no-no and you will want to run in your shoes before you lace them up on the big day.

Tip two, not all foods are your friends when running long distance. Toilet visits are just going to kill your time so think fast absorbing carbs, low in fiber. Crackers, bananas and some energy gels are going to be the best bet for a pre-race meal. Check out this post by Runner’s World for detailed meal advice.

-Twin Cities in Motion marathon, starting line group of runners

Tip three, warm up. You would think four to five hours of slamming your feet into the concrete would have you warm enough, but the pros beg to differ and say the marathon ‘begins well before you line up at the start’. Get at least 10 minutes of light exercise and stretching in to prepare yourself.

Tip four, pace, pace, pace and not the walking kind. Set realistic time goals to keep you at the same speed the whole way. When the nervous energy kicks in and you are headed out like Coyote or the Road Runner, just remember that this could take you longer than a flight from New York to Mexico City.

Medtronic Twin Cities Marathon

Once you’ve prepared for the big race, it is time to tackle the course at the Medtronic Twin Cities Marathon. This course is the Most Beautiful Urban Marathon in America® and the starting gun will be going off on October 4, 2015. If you are already signed up then pat yourself on the back but if you haven’t yet, then there is still a chance to participate. There is no better time than now to tick off that dreaded sporting-related bucket list item and you won’t regret it. Alongside the euphoria of running (or commando crawling) across the finish line, those that make it get gifts and, if of age, free beer!

Twin Cities in Motion marathon, bird's eye view of people racing

Marathon junkies and those who need a little more time to motivate their legs won’t have to wait until next year to be cheered across a course. There are plenty of marathons and races in Minneapolis and surrounding cities. Check out Get in Gear and Twin Cities in Motion for a range of events.

Once the race is over, put your feet up on a pillow and get comfy with as many carbs as you could carry back to your room at Radisson Blu Minneapolis Downtown. We welcome you to pre-meditate and post-recover with Blu.

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