5 Fantastic Art Experiences in Istanbul


Even though Istanbul paints a pretty picture of itself, you will want to check out some art galleries while visiting. There is just so much on offer, you will be astounded by the new ways of thinking and the intricate designs covering those perfectly white walls found in our favorite art spaces. To complete your artistic experience, make sure to book yourself a room at the stylish Radisson Blu Hotel & Spa Istanbul Tuzla and chill out in our Zen Garden. Or after braving this culturally cluttered city, Radisson Blu Hotel Istanbul Ottomare where the seaside is at your doorstep is also a peaceful and relaxing option. Here are five of our favorite galleries:

1. Dirimart Gallery

Founded in 2002, Dirimart is one of the galleries you need to stop by when in Istanbul. It is located on Irmak Street in Dolapdere, boasting 1000 square meters of exhibition space. Once inside, your eyes will be torn in every direction as they try and soak in all the amazing contemporary works on display. The smorgasbord of excellent strokes and photography floating on the gallery walls will leave you feeling full of inspiration. For more of a look at what is in store when visiting, check out their online catalogs.

2. x-ist

X-ist is a gallery in Karaköy that supports young Turkish artists and mentors them as they try to break into the ever competitive art scene. It opened in 2004 and now has 13 artists that it represents exclusively. See oil based paintings, photography, wildly cool digital mono-prints, watercolors and more. The artists on display here are truly talented and their art will surely give you something to think about.

3. ART ON Istanbul

When you want to see enticing portraits, fascinating c-prints and all kinds of sculptures, make your way to ART ON Istanbul. The artists Hüseyin Aksoylu, Olcay Bird, Onur Mansız (and others) will blow you away with their new age ideas. This gallery is a perfect place to stroll around in the afternoon. Join one of their art discussions or events published on their Facebook and allow yourself to be completely engrossed in the art of art.

4. Mixer Arts

If you want to find unique pieces to add to your own collection that are affordable and of exquisite quality, then head to Mixer Arts. This gallery prides itself on supplying a connection between some of Turkey's best artists and those looking to purchase new photography pieces, paintings, sketches and more.

5. Arter

Based in the heart of the city's cultural center on Irmak Street, Arter is a non-profit space for contemporary treasures. The collections and exhibitions here are mind boggling and are sure to send you into a distant reality of thought, full of colors and design. You will be welcomed by the provokingly intriguing works from Murat Akagündüz’s 'Vertigo', Bahar Yürükoğlu's 'Flow Through' and Şener Özmen's 'Unfiltered'. These artists' exhibitions will completely capture you, taking you from a simple room, to a whole new dimension.


Finding art spaces in Istanbul is simply a matter of turning the next corner. Spend your trip in Istanbul touring the art scene and staying comfortably at the Radisson Blu Bosphorus Hotel, Istanbul for the most beautiful view. The hotel sits right on the banks of the River Bosphorus, offering breathtaking sunset views which can be enjoyed while sipping on a cup of delicious Turkish coffee. If you're looking for the ultimate Turkish relaxation, make sure you unwind with a soothing Turkish hammam, available right inside the hotel.

Inspired to explore the bustling art scene in Istanbul? Book your stay with Radisson Blu and you could discover some new ones.

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