5 reasons to visit Ferrari World Abu Dhabi

Shutterstock - Treat yourself to the amazing word of the Ferrari at Ferrari World Abu Dhabi

Heading to Abu Dhabi? Then make sure you don’t miss out on Ferrari World. We’ve gathered 5 reasons why this amusement park needs to be on your to-do list.


On Yas Island the legendary Italian stallion cars have finally got the attention they deserve at Ferrari World Abu Dhabi. Check out our 5 reasons why you need to visit this adrenaline-inducing amusement park.

1.      Feel the speed with the world’s fastest rollercoaster

Ferrari World Abu Dhabi - Hop on the world's fastest rollercoaster at Ferrari World

© Ferrari World Abu Dhabi

Just like the cars, the Ferrari World amusement park offers speeds not found anywhere else. Hop on the Formula Rossa and experience the thrill of speeding along the 2.2 km course at a top speed of 240 km/h. The ride starts with a hydraulic launch with the same speed that sends planes into the sky from aircraft carriers. Throughout the circuit you’ll experience 1.7G, so strap in, put on your goggles and join this amazing ride. After all, having taken the world’s fastest rollercoaster gives you some serious bragging rights when you’re back home.

2.      Let the kids take the wheel

Let the kids get a fun head start on their drivers education at Ferrari World

© Ferrari World Abu Dhabi

Give your kids a head start on driving with Junior Pilota’s Driving School. After a short educational film, the young and inspiring GT drivers will receive instruction from trained experts. Then it’s time to get on the road and cruise in their first Ferrari, a fun-sized 430 GT Spider. Here they’ll learn more about traffic rules, signs and the laws of the road. Maybe there’s a future Formula 1-driver in your family?

3.      Race against your friends

Ferrari World Abu Dhabi - Compete with your friends at the Fiorano GT Challenge at Ferrari World

© Ferrari World Abu Dhabi

Rev your engines and get ready to race with the Fiorano GT Challenge. Jump into a Ferrari F430 Spider and compete against your friends as you launch away from the starting line on twisting parallel tracks. You’ll feel the G’s of a real drag race as you reach speeds of 95 km/h in hairpin turns and ahead through the straights of the course. The team racing on the other track will give you a stiff competition in this exciting race to the finish. May the best team win!

4.      A 4-D fantasy journey like no other

Ferrari World Abu Dhabi - Immerse yourself in the exciting Speed of Magic at Ferrari World

© Ferrari World Abu Dhabi

Go where no Ferrari has ever gone before on one of the world’s most sophisticated simulators as you search for Nello, a mischievous little driver. Nello will take you on a trip through a 4-D fantasy dreamscape, flying along cliffs and venturing into the ocean’s depths. Feel the heat of the jungle or the cold of the ice caves as the temperature shifts, lights change and moisture fills the air as Nello’s adventure brings all your senses to life in a way only Ferrari can.

5.      A racing simulator like no other

 Ferrari World Abu Dhabi - Try on the Scuderia Challenge for a simulation experience like none other

© Ferrari World Abu Dhabi

Experience state-of-the-art racing simulations behind the wheel of the Scuderia Challenge. Race against record lap times with a variety of Ferraris solo or with your friends. This is a great way to see what you’re really made of! Scuderia Challenge offers a level of realism that you will never find in an arcade, immersing your entire body in the action.

After a world of adrenaline-filled racing, fun and the full Ferrari experience, you’ll be pleased to find your way home to the Radisson Blu Hotel, Abu Dhabi Yas Island. Here you can kick back, relax and enjoy the pristine views of the Arabian Sea and all of Yas Island from your room. Welcome!

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