5 Secrets to a Successful Business Trip

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Business travel is often a marathon of ticking off appointments, flight status updates, and losing time on the road. All these factors can push your stress levels through the roof. But with the right hotel and some easy tips for rebalancing your well-being, you’ll feel like you never left your comfort zone at all.

Beat Jet Lag

Getting -Woman going to sleepAdapting to a new time zone is one of the most challenging aspects of traveling, especially if you have meetings lined up the next day. Planning a stopover along your route is one way of slowly adjusting, but if that’s not an option, the best thing to do is to sync with the local rhythm as soon as you land. Although the plush king-size beds found in Radisson Blu hotels might be calling for you, try to stay active until the night and make use of the friendly wake-up service for the perfect start.

Make it Rain

Hotel bathrooms can easily be transformed into an impromptu home spa. Whether you’re making use of moody lighting or book a relaxing massage in one of our hotels’ spas, think of your bathroom as your sanctuary. Relax with a soothing rain shower (or make it cold for the perfect wake-me-up).

Stretch and Bend

Getty - Woman Practicing Yoga with water viewKeeping up your regular fitness routine can be one of the most challenging things about traveling. Whether you’re going all in with the gym equipment, squeezing in 20 minutes of Pilates on your hotel room floor, or taking a quick dip in the pool -- everything works. Try to stick to a fixed time slot, and when you need a little extra help, revitalizing spa rituals can do wonders for jet lagged bodies.

Morning Blues

Getty - Healthy BreakfastTo quickly recover from fatigue and jet lag, make sure to drink lots of water, avoid caffeine and sugar, and tuck in to naturally energizing options. Try the Radisson Blu Super Breakfast buffet with its seasonally-changing specials and local ingredients, giving you the boost you need to tackle a busy day.

Business Basics

Choosing a hotel that understands business needs is key to a stress-free experience. Whether you need direct terminal access to catch an early flight, modern meeting rooms with the latest tech equipment, or fast service to help manage your workload, our hotels have all these features. Take advantage of the early check-in option and book the Business Experience package to secure a room upgrade, high-speed Wi-Fi, express laundry and dry cleaning, breakfast, and bonus Radisson Rewards points to redeem on your next vacation. That’s what we call stress-free business travel.


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