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Çesme Ilca

We’re sure you’ve heard about Izmir; Turkey’s vibrant cultural city. But there’s more to discover in this richly historical land than just Izmir itself. Read on to find out the top things to do in Cesme. Journey to the westernmost end of Turkey, to a peninsula with a quaint coastal town called Cesme. If you’re looking for a vacation spot that lets you sit back, relax and let your worries drift away into the Aegean Sea then this is the place for you. Follow along as we guide you through the top 5 things to do in Cesme that are sure to move Cesme to the top of your travel bucket list.

The Village of Alaçatı

The charming Aegean town of Alaçatı, which was ranked 8th among “31 Must-See Places on Earth in 2010" list of The New York Times, is on the western coast of İzmir Province in Turkey. It is just a short drive away from Cesme. Once only known to windsurfers, Alaçatı is challenging Bodrum for the title of Turkey’s most chic Aegean resort. Explore the quaint streets of a city that are filled with hip boutique stores and great local restaurants. However it still manages to retain its laid-back village charm.

Historic oldtown Alacati Cesme

Alaçatı Herb Festival

When it comes to a top-notch gourmet experience, it goes without saying that this is a perfect destination with its wide variety of edible greens and herbs, which are celebrated each year at the beginning of April at the Alaçatı Herb Festival. The event is very popular among visitors from all over the world. Every year the festival highlights different herbs from the region and the local restaurant offer special dishes throughout the festival. You can walk among the charming street stands offering a wide variety of herb-based dishes and goods or you can choose to attend seminars on the herbs' beneficial properties, workshops on how to collect herbs and cooking classes on how to cook like an Aegean. Tasting Alacati is another unique event which is held at the end of each April with the warm hospitality of local restaurants, cafes, and bars located within the authentic surroundings of the Aegean town of Alacati. The festival aims to bring together explorers, foodies, gastronomy opinion leaders, world-class chefs, local producers, and locals to create a lifetime experience in Alacati. The 3-day event starts with a welcome party and visitors can experience a number of different activities including wine tasting sessions, bread making workshops, seminars, parties, breakfast and lunch talks, concerts and local cooking workshops.

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Alacati herb festival


The waters around Cesme and Alaçatı are known as a ‘windsurfer’s paradise’ and for good reason. The stunning blue water of the Aegean Sea and constant steady wind found in the area makes windsurfing and kitesurfing irresistible pastime activities. Throw a charming sea-side town into the mix. And no wonder more and more water-sport lovers are flocking there every year for windsurfing. If you are a windsurfer, check our pocket guide for windsurfing in Cesme.

After a long day of surfing, you can head over to nearby surf bars for a delicious cocktail or just head to your hotel and get ready for a unique local tasting experience in Cesme.

Windsurfing in Alacati Cesme

Deep Sea Fishing

About eight years ago, a few friends gathered together to measure their fishing prowess. That small fishing tournament has since grown into two international competitions attracting almost many boats and hundreds of amateur fishermen competing every year. Big Fish Alacati and The International Alacati Fishing Tournament take place in autumn and they’re both open to all amateur fishermen. You just need to be hooked on fishing! And don’t worry if you’re not, since both events have after-tournament parties where you can enjoy fresh seafood and great music while you watch the best competitors receive their prizes.


The Ancient City of Erythrae

Erythrae is one of the twelve cities of Ionia, situated 22 km north-east of Cesme, on a small peninsula stretching into the Bay of Erythrae. The actual ruins of Erythrae are fairly minor and scattered over a wide area. However, the main site has a simply gorgeous hillside with spectacular sea views on all sides. Enjoy a relaxing adventure into the temples of the Greeks when visiting the ruins.

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