6 Fall Festivals in Kyiv to Visit!

From medieval battles to contemporary art – Kyiv is practically bursting at the seams with things to do. Luckily for you, the team at the Radisson Blu Hotel, Kyiv City Centre which is located in the city center, put together their 6 favorite festivals in Kyiv to attend when the weather starts cooling down.

DakhaBrakha Live concert

Maybe they are among the most popular Ukrainian musicians globally. Their performances are sell-outs across Europe and America. Their songs have been used as part of the soundtrack for the TV series Fargo and others. The name DakhaBrakha is original, outstanding, and authentic at the same time, which means “give/take” in the old Ukrainian language. Created in 2004 at the Dakh theatre, their shows always feature spectacular visual effects. Bringing the thrill of Ukrainian folk to the hearts and consciousness of younger Ukrainian generations, get your tickets today.

Ukrainian Fashion Week 

Ukrainian Fashion Week was held for the first time in November 1997. It became the first professional fashion event in Eastern Europe. There are designers, shows, presentations, special projects, in 5 days, illustrating the super power of Ukrainian fashion. The fashion week represents the Ukrainian fashion industry’s breakthrough into the global fashion world. Ukrainian Fashion Week is a driving force of the Ukrainian fashion industry, a place where the Ukrainian fashion becomes worldwide. Be prepared to see the latest and greatest fashion trends from Ukraine and all over the world.

International festival of equestrian martial arts "The Scythians"

On November 2 and 3 in the "Kyivan Rus Park" there will be held the equestrian martial arts festival "The Scythians". The participants of the festival will ride the horses of the Princely Stable of the Ancient Kyiv, which contains about 20 different historic horse breeds. Things are getting medieval in the Ukraine. Participants will demonstrate their strength and courage during this display of might and medieval history. Uncompromising fights will take place in the categories of "sword-sword" and "shield-sword". There also will be a separate women's competition as well. Be sure to see this magical event in the Kievan Rus Park in the ancient part of Kyiv city.

Wizz Air Kyiv City Marathon

The Wizz Air Kyiv City Marathon is an opportunity for everyone to join in the athletic tradition of Ukraine! The marathon is an opportunity to try and improve your own athletic skills, enjoy top athletes competing against each other, and of course make new friends. Early October every year, hundreds of runners from the dozens of countries from around the world have different goals during the marathon, but the chance to race the 42.195 km through the streets of Kyiv is without a doubt a highlight for everyone who runs.

Kyiv Beer Fest 

Love beer? Then the Kyiv Beer Fest is for you. Thirsty visitors can sample over 100 beers from various Ukrainian and foreign companies, as well as private breweries. Of course visitors can also participate in contests, promotions and enjoy music while they sample their delicious brews as well. Don’t miss out on this ‘beer-topia’ held in Kyiv at Expo center of Ukraine.

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