6 magical niche museums in Stavanger

Museums in Stavanger - panoramic view of Stavanger city

Stavanger may be the energy capital of Norway, but you will find a mixture of museums dedicated to canning, schools and everything in between. We gathered six you should visit. Whether you’ve got a hankering to learn more about the history of canning, to take part in the amazing adventures of the Norwegian oil industry or learn more about children’s culture, Stavanger has got you covered. Take a closer look into these six museums to brighten your day, and use the map at the bottom of the post to easily find your way!

Stavanger Maritime Museum

Before oil and gas became the main industry of Stavanger, the maritime industries such as fishing and shipping were the main focus for the city and its residents. Learn more about the city’s rich maritime history at the Stavanger Maritime Museum. Try your hand at working at the docks of the late 1950s or explore the recreated ship interiors the museum offers. Maybe you’ll even leave wanting to sail the seven seas?

Museums in Stavanger - exterior of Maritime museum

Norwegian Children’s Museum

Who doesn’t dream of being a kid again? Even though science hasn’t figured out how to reverse age just yet, you can take a walk down memory lane at the Norwegian Children’s Museum. Here you’ll see and experience how children's' culture has changed throughout the years. Take a closer look at what Norwegian families were like in the 60’s or check out the hundreds of toys once manufactured in the areas around Stavanger. We’ll guarantee it will bring out the kid in you!

Ledaal Manor

Originally a summer residence for the Kielland Family from 1799 until 1803, the Ledaal manor is now a national trust including its surroundings and park. The main building represents contemporary styles and tastes, richly furnished in Rococo, Louis XVI, Empire and Biedermeier styles. Here you can easily imagine what the parties and social gatherings of the rich and famous in the first half of the 19th century were like. In addition to being a museum, Ledaal is now also a royal residence.

Museums in Stavanger - exterior of Ledaal museum


Nothing says late-1800’s rich and fancy like a proper mansion, and Breidablikk is a perfect example of just that. This Swiss-style building is home to some of the richest and best preserved examples of the historic Gothic, Rococo, Baroque and other contemporary styles. This is the ultimate display of true craftsmanship surrounded by a well-preserved English-style garden.

Museums in Stavanger - exterior of Breidablikk museum

Norwegian Canning Museum

What better way to explore the practices and history of canning, than to visit an old cannery? The Norwegian Canning Museum is housed in an authentic cannery, which was in operation from 1916 until 1958, where you can see how canned sprats and fish balls , a Norwegian dish, were produced. Get a glimpse of what the working environment of a canning factory was like. So whether you want to learn more about Norway’s oil-adventures, wondered about how something gets canned or want a closer look into the rich history of Stavanger, these museums are the way to go.

Museums in Stavanger - interior of Canning museum

Norwegian Petroleum Museum

On December 23rd 1969 Norway changed forever. This small country in the north struck oil, altering its future forever. At the Norwegian Petroleum Museum you’ll learn more about the technology needed to extract oil and gas and find answers to why there is oil and gas in the North Sea at all. Or maybe you want to know what it feels like to wear a survival suit used on oil rigs? Either way, you’ll get a fascinating look into this important industry through audio-visual aids, objects and interactive installations.

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