6 Must See Murals in Downtown Minneapolis

Cartoon mural Greg Gossel, downtown Minneapolis

Getting To The HeART Of The City

Downtown Minneapolis has become a mecca for all things art. The city’s great range of museums, galleries and parks reflect the Minneapolitans’ passion for individuality and creativity. So it’s no surprise that the streets are also decorated with some truly inspired and innovative urban artworks. Here’s our Radisson Blu guide to the most memorable murals of downtown Minneapolis.

#shopsmall mural by Greg Gossel

This blockbuster pop art piece brightens the side of the old National Exchange building on Hennepin Avenue - just a few blocks from the stylish and sophisticated Radisson Blu Minneapolis Downtown. When you’re heading down Hennepin to your favorite theatre or restaurant, this larger than life comic scene is sure to grab your attention - making you want to TAKE A PICTURE SWEETIE!

For more information on the artist and mural, click the link: Greg Gossel's mural.

Cartoon mural Greg Gossel

Adam Turman

Next on our tour is a Minnesota-inspired mural by artist Adam Turman, a local hero whose work can be seen all over the state. This fabulous piece is also found on Hennepin Ave – on the side of a local restaurant. Talking to TheLineMedia.com, Adam explains, “The mural is about the vibe restauranteurs want to have.” It pays homage to the seasons of Minnesota, to the city’s bike friendly attitude and to its thriving brewing industry. Cheers to that!

adam turman mural

Mural by Josh ‘Jawsh’ Lemke

This iconic mural of Minnesota celebrities is another star of Hennepin Ave, beaming down from above a local restaurant. From left to right we have: Bob Dylan, Hubert Humphrey, Tom Barnard, Paul Wellstone, Kirby Puckett, Amy Klobachar, Julie Garland, and Garrison Keeler. This line up of the local great and good is the work of renowned Minneapolis artist, Josh ‘Jawsh’ Lemke.

Josh Lemke Mural

Venice, Italy by Hermann Krumpholz

This stunning 1992 mural – showing an atmospheric canal side scene from Venice – is the work of German artist Hermann Krumpholz. It’s found on the outside wall of a bar on 1st Ave, facing Target Center. Bellissimo!

Mural Minneapolis Venice by Hermann Krumpholz

The Mystery Music Mural on 10th and Marquette

Music is literally an art form on this towering landmark at the side of the old Schmitt Music building, found on 10th Ave and Marquette. It was painted in the 1970s by an employee of the famous Schmitt Music company. And you’re probably wondering – like everyone passing this 5-story mural - what the notes would sound like when played? Well, luckily we did a bit of research… and the music is from a piano piece written by French composer, Maurice Ravel. Hear this monotone masterwork come magically to life.

Ravel - Gaspard de la Nuit, No. 3

The Times They Are A-Changin’ by Eduardo Kobra

Bob Dylan is one of the biggest stars to come out of Minneapolis. And what better way to pay homage to this amazing global music legend than with an ENORMOUS mural - showing him at various stages through his life. Bringing life and color to Hennepin Ave and 5th Ave, this incredible piece was created by cool Brazilian street artist, Eduardo Kobra, who has works on display all over the world. Dylan famously wrote – and sang - that The Times They Are A-Changin’. But the iconic street art of downtown Minneapolis is happily here to stay…

All photos save for 'Venice, Italy by Hermann Krumpholz' taken by local Minneapolis photographer Touchaing Kong Yang.

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