7 flavors that will transport you to Saudi Arabia

Saudi food - arabian food spices in a bowl with a spoon at the forefront

Looking to throw around some new spices in the kitchen? Check out these Saudi Arabian flavors that will really rock your taste buds. Saudi Arabia has so much to offer with regards to food, and it's crazy to think that some people have never tried these dishes before! Radisson Blu Hotel Jeddah has some of the best cuisines right here in the city, so we think it is only fair to share. Here are seven Saudi sensations we know you will love:

1. Kapsa

Let's start with the national dish called Kapsa. It is an easy and traditional dish made of chicken and rice that gives you that ultimate happy full feeling. Kapsa Spice is another alternative that you can find on Goody Kitchen, just add saffron, cinnamon, black lime, cardamom, nutmeg and bay leaves to the traditional recipe.

Saudi Arabian flavors - kapsa chicken and rice dish, national dish of Saudi Arabia

2. Mutabbaq

Originating from Yemen, the word Mutabbaq means ‘folded’ and that is exactly what this is, a folded pancake. You can get them stuffed full with vegetables for a midday snack from street vendors when in Jeddah, or you can make them at home with this recipe from Asma’s Kitchen.

Saudi Arabian flavors - mutabbaq folded and fried pancakes stuffed with vegetables

3. Shawarma

We are sure that you have heard about Shawarma before. This fashion of cooking meat is very popular in Middle Eastern countries with SA being no exception. It originated from Levantine cuisine and is now found all over the world. No need to search for a kebab store to enjoy this delicious dish, you can try to make your own dish at home and make Chicken Shawarma like The Wanderlust Kitchen.

Saudi Arabian flavors - shawarma meat , being cooked over a grill fire

4. Falafel

OK. So we all love falafel and it is nothing new, but we wanted to include it anyway, because spicy chickpeas are glorious. You can thank the Egyptians for this tasty vegetarian treat and you can thank Ya Salam Cooking for the recipe.

Saudi Arabian flavors - falafel in a pita bread

5. Laban

Laban is a yogurt drink that refreshes the body especially when the heat is really pounding down. Don't want to drink your yogurt? Then make it into a dip with spices like below!

Saudi Arabian flavors - laban yogurt with cucumber and spices

6. Saleeg

Here is a quick tip: if you are ever inviting over guests to Jeddah, then Saleeg is considered ‘a face saving dish’. Everyone loves it so you can’t go wrong. It is similar to risotto but the rice is cooked in milk (somewhat like porridge) and broth and is served with chicken. After having a wonderful meal, take a stroll along on the Jeddah Corniche and enjoy King Fahd's fountain or check other tips for spending a weekend in Jeddah.

Saudi Arabian flavors - saleeg chicken and milkyrisssoto dish from Saudi Arabia

7. Maamul

Last but no less tasty is the bite sized Maamul. The word means ‘filled’ in Arabic and these guys sure are filled with delicious. Maamul are small short breads with pistachio or dates or other sweet goodies tucked inside. Traditionally, Saudi Arabians serve sweets like these with coffee or mint tea so be sure to boil some water while they are in the oven. Here is a great recipe from Culinary Travels.

Saudi Arabian flavors - maamul shortbread,Saudi Arabia dessert

What dish would you like to taste? Experience Saudi Arabian flavors together with Radisson Blu Hotel in Jeddah!

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