7 unexpected things to do in Prague´s Old Town

Prague Old Town clock

If you thought Prague was only old buildings and architecture, you've got it all wrong. Check out these 7 unexpected things you can see and can do in the beautiful Czech capital. To really get to know a city you must break away from the beaten path and wander without a predetermined destination. Here are some great tips on how to get to know Prague’s Old Town like a local. Wondering where to stay? Check out the centrally-located Radisson Blu Hotel, Prague for an unforgettable experience!

1. The Old Town and a tragic story

You'll most definitely end up at the Old Town square at some point, and what meets the eye is a fantastic statue. This might seem like just another artwork, but the monument does in fact have an unexpected story. It was erected in 1915 as a symbol of his strength and sacrifice. Jan Hus was a Catholic Priest who was alive during the 1400s and was one of the very few who dared to rebel against the church and the crusades. He was found guilty of heresy and burnt at the stake after being condemned by the Vatican.

Jan Hus memorial statue in Old Town Pague

2. A deep-dive into a dark past

If you’re intrigued by the more gruesome parts of medieval history, tag along on one of the Haunted Prague tours. Learn more about the conflicts, wars, plagues and epidemics that once were. Choose from ghosts, legends and dungeon, the historical Old Town and underground, or an after dark visit under ground and to the Old Town.

Prague bridge at dawn

3. The alternative route to the Old Town

If a regular walking tour sounds boring, try Prague Alternative Tours. The tour guides are local enthusiasts who want to show you the city and Old Town area from their perspective. You get to see the best of street art and local galleries while you learn about how the culture has changed since the fall of communism. The tour lasts for about three hours and includes a tour through the Old Town area and other popular spots. Join in on one of their cool workshops to make some art of your own, which may end up being the best souvenir you bring back from Prague.

4. Keep your head up

Prague is known for beautiful buildings and statues, and it’s easy to keep a steady gaze at the horizon to try and spot the next mapped-out attraction. But you might as well enjoy the trip to the next monument as well, right? Make sure you catch a glimpse of the truly special Man Hanging Out, a statue portraying psychoanalyst Sigmund Freud hanging by one hand pondering on whether to keep holding on or to let go. Several tourists have understandably mistaken the statue for a real suicide attempt.

Man Hanging Out Statue Old Town Prague

5. It’s all about the food

If architecture is not your thing and you are more of a foodie traveler, Eating Prague Tours is where you want to go. Opt for a gastronomic adventure that will make your taste buds ecstatic. Not only will you get to eat at some of the most historic and spectacular restaurants and cafés of the city, but you will also get to taste the delicious local cuisine. Whether it be soup, sandwiches or dumplings, you are sure to have a great time and a full belly to prove it afterwards.

6. A sweet taste of Prague

Many locals have claimed that one of the musts when in Prague is a visit to Choco Café. This family business is making it big on selling delicious chocolates in their charming café. Choose from more than 50 mouth-watering flavors that will have you coming back for more. If you are feeling adventurous, try the traditional hořické trubičky. You won’t regret it!

Prague Chocolate truffles

7. A piece of history

If you get tired of the crowds, take a walk into the Old Jewish Cemetery. This large area in the Old Town is said to hold as many as 100,000 bodies, and is the oldest of its kind in Europe. A surprising sight meets the eye: crooked gravestones placed tightly together, time clearly having taken its toll on the old rocks. Walk among the stones, read the old inscriptions and take a step back from the hustle and bustle of the cobble stoned streets. Needless to say, lots of unexpected things to see and do in Prague!

Prague Old Jewish cemetery

Psst! Why not discover the Old Town with beer and bicycles? It's definitely worth a try.

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