7 wonders to marvel at in Jeddah

Shutterstock - The Abdul Raouf Khalil Mosque and Citadel in Jeddah is known for its characteristic brown and white architec

Jeddah is a city filled to the brim with impressive architecture and public art. A walk around town will provide you with several impressive sights. We’ve gathered 7 of them you just cannot miss.

Saudi Arabia’s second largest city of Jeddah might be known as the largest sea port by the Red Sea but it is also home to some impressive architecture. From the characteristic white and brown buildings to impressive public art installations, there is something to rest your gaze at while wandering through town. We’ve selected 7 of the most impressive buildings and displays of public art for you to check out in Jeddah.

1.      A monument to the waves

Gimas Shutterstock - The Sculpture to the Waves is an impressive piece of public art in Jeddah

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In the middle of a busy roundabout sits the massive sculpture named “The Wave”, created by Egyptian designer Mustafa Senbel. He created a wide range of sculptures that are prominent in the cityscape. The roaring wave is covered in colorful mosaic tiles and gives you quite the exquisite view from your car window.

2.      Historical gateways to Jeddah

 Shutterstock - Jeddah was once surrounded by a wall, which featured several gates and watchtowers such as this one

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During the Mamluk Sultanate of the 12th century, Mamluk Prince Hussain Al-Kurdi built a wall to protect from invaders. The wall surrounded the city and featured several gates and watchtowers. Some parts of the wall and gateways still stand today and can be found in several locations throughout Jeddah. Not only are they an important piece of Jeddah’s heritage, they are also beautiful buildings thatbring history to life.

3.      Five Hungry Horses grazing

Shutterstock - In the middle of a roundabout in Jeddah stands a sculpture of five horses, one of many displays of public ar

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Roundabouts are the new art museums, at least if Jeddah is anything to go by. Standing on top of a grassy knoll on a roundabout are five horses. They are missing their mid-sections as Islam does not allow for idolatry, especially depictions of humans or non-human animals in full, which has led to Islamic art being dominated by geometric patterns and calligraphy. These statues have been nicknamed as the “Five Hungry Horses” by some citizens.

4.      The characteristic brown and white

Gimas Shutterstock - The Abdul Raouf Khalif Mosque in Jeddah features the characteristic white and brown colors

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One of the distinct features of architecture in Jeddah are the white buildings covered in brown details. An example of this typical design is found in a citadel that is home to several heritage exhibitions and a mosque. Windows, balconies and doors feature a wide range of intricate details.

5.      Light up your day with the Mameluk Lanterns

Shutterstock - Spanish designer Julio Lafuente designed the Mameluk Lanterns in Jeddah

The Spanish artist, Julio Lafuente, created the four Mameluk Lanterns that are found on a major road divider near Al Salam Royal Palace. These steel and glass lanterns feature intricate patterns in a wide range of bright colors that leave anyone with a sense of awe. But at night they come to alive, as the lanterns are illuminated from within and transformed into a beautiful light display.

6.      The beautiful places of worship

Shutterstock - The Island Mosque in Jeddah is one of many impressive mosques int city

Islam is the main religion in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and throughout Jeddah there are several beautiful mosques. From the Floating Mosque of Fatimah Az-Zahra to the Island Mosque, each one is impressive in its own right.

7.      The Door to Jeddah

Shutterstock - By Jeddah Airport stands an old Ottoman fort, now restored into its former glory

Close by King Abdulaziz International Airport, stands an old Ottoman fort. The Ottoman Empire was wide and vast, claiming land from Northern Africa and all the way to Jeddah. This fort has been restored and serves as one of many links to Jeddah’s rich history.

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