8 reasons nature lovers should visit Northern Norway

Plan a trip to Bodø in Northern Norway this summer and you will be rewarded with an active holiday full of unforgettable nature experiences and activities under the midnight sun.

Bodø, situated in Northern Norway, offers breath-taking scenery and nature, making it the perfect destination for an activity-filled vacation. Choose the pace you want to explore at, whether that be on a leisurely fishing trip or an adrenaline fuelled climb up a rugged mountainside. The region is abundant in wildlife, mountain peaks and dramatic landscapes, all illuminated up by the magnificent midsummer sun.

1. A Fisherman’s Paradise

Bodø is a paradise for anyone who loves fishing. Hike across wild scenery until you reach a tranquil inland lake, or head out deep-sea fishing for large cod. Alternatively, take to the rapid rivers for some of the country’s best salmon fishing. If it is a challenge you are after, why not try your luck fishing in the world’s most powerful vortex, located just outside the city. For more information on permits and the best fishing spots, visit Bodø Tourist Information.

2. Experience the forces of nature

Stella polaris bt

One of Bodø’s most visited attractions is undoubtedly Saltstraumen. Here you can see the world’s strongest tidal current, or maelstrom, close up with Stella Polaris. On the guided tour, you will feel the thrill as high-speed inflatable boats skim the water’s surface and bring you up close to the current. The adrenalin will certainly be pumping from the speed. Remember to also take in the incredible fjord surroundings and if you are lucky, you may even see majestic sea eagles flying overhead.

3. Dive under Saltstraumen

Not only is the boisterous nature of this current fascinating above water, by diving down underneath it you’ll see if from a completely different perspective. Living here is a world rich in marine life from vibrant fish species and colorful sea anemones to diverse aquatic plant life. Saltstraumen DykkeCamp offer both diving and snorkeling trips to this underwater paradise. They also run certified PADI courses so you can even gain your diving license here.

4. Head for the mountains

Both the coast and climate have shaped this regions’ rugged mountainous scenery. Hiking is a popular pastime in Norway and no matter what your level, whether you want a gentle stroll or to climb to a summit for magnificent views, you can choose what suits you best. Keiservarden, 366m, is a relatively easy walk, but in return you will be met with breath-taking views of the sea and surrounding landscapes. For a higher route, hike up Steigtind, 793m. From the summit, you can look over to Kjerringøy, a popular island located outside the city. The region’s highest mountain demands more effort but you will be well rewarded at the top of Lurfjelltind, 1284m with panoramic vistas.

5. Feel the adrenaline pumping

If you would like to step it up a bit, the region is full of climbing routes. Even if you have little or no experience, you can try your hand at rock climbing. Nordland Turselskap offer climbing trips to peaks such as Stetind, 1,392m, along with experienced guides. The only requirements are that you are fit and have a good head for heights, as this trip is physically demanding. Alternatively, join a canoeing, caving, abseiling or glacier walking tour. Bodø is the natural starting point for one of the country’s most famous glaciers, Svartisen.

6. Midnight Golfing

Bodø is a dream location for golf enthusiasts. In the summer months, you can golf late into the evening under the glare of the midsummer sun. Bodø Golf Park, also known as Salten Golf Club, is the perfect place to take in the tranquil coastal surroundings while you putt your way around the 18-course fairway, regardless of the time of day.

7. Stone Age dining

Go back in time at Tuvsjyen and learn about the Stone Age era. Set in pristine nature, this site actually dates back 10,000 years, making it one of Norway’s first Stone Age settlements. In addition to a guided walk, this cultural attraction offers the chance to dine in the style of our ancestors, cooking with traditional Norwegian produce. The meal is prepared in a cooking pit using only hot stones. After the meal, sit around the atmospheric campfire as you listen to historic tales.

8. Viewpoints underneath the midnight sun

One of the best things about traveling to North Norway in the summer is the opportunity to experience the incredible midnight sun. Bodø is one of the best places to see this, with many viewpoints where you can truly enjoy this magnificent sight. One of the best vantage points is Rønvikfjellet, 164m. From the summit, let your eyes extend over the city, Lofoten Islands and the surrounding mountain range.

When you return to the city, continue to enjoy the beautiful views of the peninsula from the Top 13 Rooftop Bar at Radisson Blu Hotel, Bodø. As the name suggests, the 13th floor bar is the perfect spot to watch the dazzling midnight sun as you relax and reflect on your day with a refreshment. This is the guaranteed perfect ending to an active day in Northern Norway’s unbeatable nature. For more information on the best ways to explore this region, Visit Bodø can assist you with your travel needs and desires.

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