9 attractions you need to see when in Jizan

Saudi Arabian custom hospitality of serving tea and dates

Check out these 9 little known attractions in Jizan that you need to see when visiting. This province has history, sun, unforgettable scenery and much more.

Saudi Arabia has scenery of vast differences, history as old as mankind and tradition and culture flowing from every door. Come and explore Jizan’s gems.

1. Visit Farasan Island

A trip to Jizan is not complete without a trip to Farasan Island. It is a natural gem just a short trip from the city. You can join Amazing Tours to the island and see wonderful coral reefs, enjoy diving, snorkel, see historical sites and learn about the history of this wonderful kingdom. Learn more about what to do on Farasan here.

2. Natural healing at the hot water springs

Al-Khoubah hot springs are a must visit. The drive is 75 km from the city center but this attraction is worth it. Hop into the warm water to reap the benefits from all the natural minerals found inside. The temperature can reach 45 degrees Celsius and there are 14 different chemicals at work. A little further away is the Bani Malik hot spring. This is an incredibly popular spring and has separate facilities for men and women.

3. Fifa Mountains

Adding to the wonderful scenery of this Saudi Arabian Provence, are the Fifa Mountains. These beautiful looming blocks of green are visited by around a million locals each year. They are perfect for hiking and nature watching and you are sure to stumble upon some historical fortresses along the mountain’s edge. Couple a trip here with a visit to the hot springs, as they are both a short drive inland.

4. Feast like a local

Certainly, getting a taste of local specialties is a highlight of any trip and in Jizan it is no different. Being a Red Sea city, it has plenty of fresh seafood. Try out Happy Times Restaurant on King Fahad Road, a Tripadvisor favorite when looking for the best seafood in the city. When in search of traditional food, head to Al Janoob Restaurant or Loaloat Al Sahil in the same area. If you aren’t looking to go far, be sure to try out the restaurant at the hotel!

5. A drop of history

The Heritage Village in Jizan is an incredible place preserved from before the 15th Century. Here you can see traditional mud and stone houses, ancient art, an old market, a handcraft exhibition and much more. If you make the trip to Farasan Island then be sure to check out Masjid Al-Najedi, an Ottoman Mosque with unique decorations and the age old Al-Refal House.

6. Catch a ray or two at the hotel pool


Every vacation, whether work related or not, needs a little relaxation mixed in. The weather in Jizan is absolutely perfect to catch up on some rays, with winter temperatures usually above 20 degrees Celsius. Head to the hotel pool at Radisson Blu Hotel, Jizan and let that Red Sea breeze roll across your shoulders.

7. Explore the depths of the Red Sea

If you would rather replace your pool side chair with golden sands head to Beesh Beach or Golden Beach. This is a lovely secluded area frequented by hikers. You can spot wildlife and it is a great spot for swimming. You may also want to try out diving or snorkeling, as some of the best coral reefs are found in the Red Sea. There are plenty of other places to get your feet wet, just ask the staff at the hotel for directions.

8. Shopping and Souqs

The city has two main shopping malls where you can get all your preferred brands as well as local merchandise. Kadi Mall and Rashid Mall are just a few kilometers south from the hotel along the water. If you have a hankering for some international food, you can find your go-to chain restaurants here. When shopping in Jizan, you need to experience haggling at a souq. These markets are all around the city and sell everything from fresh produce to handmade items. Be sure to try the dates!

9. Get a guided glimpse of the Kingdom

If you want to discover the city with a guide then give Saudi Tourism a call. They can take you around Jizan introducing you to what makes this city special. Shop at a souq, drive the corniche, see the heritage community and more.

Whatever your reason for vising this part of the Kingdom, you are sure to be entertained from beginning til end. Check out some of the nine attractions listed above and be sure to share your pictures online for others to see!

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