A Beginner´s Guide to Finnish Sauna

Finnish sauna - finnish sauna interior

There is nothing more Finnish than the sauna.

Many Finns think you cannot truly understand Finland or its culture without experiencing a real Finnish sauna. There are over 3 million saunas in Finland, from remote summer cottages to the tiniest city flat, saunas can be found in most houses in Finland.

Nervous you might not be able to fit in with the Finns? Take a look at these tips that will help you sauna like a pro in no time.

Just Try It

Almost anyone can enjoy the sauna so let go of any inhibitions you may have and dive in. The only people that should avoid the sauna is newborn babies, or those with heart conditions or open wounds. This is a place for mental and physical relaxation so the more you can let go, the better your experience will be.Finnish sauna - interior of a finnish sauna

Accept an Invite

Getting invited to a Finnish sauna is an honor, so be sure to say ‘yes’ unless you have a good reason. Many Finns use the sauna time as a bonding time and it’s a great chance to interact with the locals.Finnish sauna - interior of a finnish sauna

Don’t Be Shy

Finns are very comfortable with their bodies - even around strangers. If you aren’t as comfortable, they’ll understand if you want to wear a towel or swimsuit. Men and women tend to go in separately, but families will frequently go together. If you’re not sure, feel free to ask what group you should go with.Finnish sauna - two women with head towels looking at themselves in a mirror

Know Your Tools

That bundle of branches that you have with you is called a ‘vasta’ or ‘vihta’ (depending on where you are from) and is made from Birch twigs. You then whip yourself to remove dead skin, leaving you with fresh, soft skin. There isn’t any etiquette for the stove, so feel free to throw water on it and create that extra steam whenever you need it!

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