A Design Tour of Lyon Through the Lens of a Photographer

Interior of the Radisson Blu Hotel Lyon, lobby by Angie McMonigal

Situated between the Rhône and the Saône Rivers, you’ll find Lyon, the 3rd largest city in France. While it may not come to mind first as a must-see city on your tour of France, Lyon is a truly captivating metropolis, especially for architecture and design lovers. It’s quite fitting therefore that the Radisson Blu Hotel, Lyon is an architectural landmark in itself. What better way to show you than through some stunning photography? We’re teaming up with award-winning architecture photographer Angie McMonigal to explore the Radisson Blu Hotel through her lens. Focusing on bold architectural details, her photographs celebrate those iconic elements hiding in plain sight. Read on to discover Lyon’s iconic pieces of architecture within a few blocks of our stunning hotel to get inspired to visit Lyon.

Tour Part-Dieu

Let’s begin with an icon of the La Part-Dieu district, the Tour Part-Dieu, or as most prefer to call it, Le Crayon. Currently the 9th tallest building in France, we’re honored to occupy the top 10 floors making it the highest hotel in Europe. After a high-speed ride to the hotel lobby located on the 32nd floor, stop and look up for these amazing views. Make sure to spend some time here at different times of the day, as Angie has done, to admire the unique architectural design under different lighting.

Radisson Blu Hotel Lyon lobby ceiling by Angie McMonigal Photography

Angie recommends to explore the various areas of the lobby, standing at different spots to capture a variety of different perspectives and details.

Radisson Blu Hotel Lyon design details by Angie McMonigal Photography

And don’t forget to stop by the Radisson Blu Hotel Lyon’s Celest restaurant for 360 views over the city. You’ll also be treated to stunning breakfast views the next morning, so don’t forget to bring your camera with you! The view below for example was captured right from the live camera atop our hotel.

Radisson Blu Hotel Lyon BluView from Deckchair atop hotel March 2019

Orchestre National de Lyon

Just west of the hotel is the Auditorium-Orchestre National de Lyon with its scallop shell shape in the Brutalist style of architecture. The plaza features a few interesting sculptures, including this fountain.

Orchestre National de Lyon fountain by Angie McMonigal Photography


The steel sculptures are an interesting foreground element to the hotel and orchestra building. Into classical music? Why not book a concert during your stay? They also offer free concerts throughout the year, to make sure to check the auditorium’s calendar in advance.

Steel sculptures in front of Radisson Blu Hotel Lyon by Angie McMonigal PhotographyLes Halles de Lyon

Moving a bit further northwest, we encounter Les Halles de Lyon – Paul Bocuse. Of course the food here is the big draw and just one of the reasons Lyon is dubbed France’s capital of gastronomy. But before you even enter the food hall, you encounter an architectural gem in its parking garage. The curved details around its exterior make for some unique detail shots.

Les Halles de Lyon by Angie McMonigal Photography

If you happen to park in the garage, be sure to check out the reflections of the Radisson Blu hotel and the surrounding neighborhood in the city’s tallest tower, Tour Incity.

Reflection of Radisson Blu Hotel Lyon by Angie McMonigal PhotographyGare des Brotteaux

To work off all those tasty treats from Les Halles, wander northeast through the beautiful streets of Lyon until you encounter Gare des Brotteaux. The first railway station in Lyon, it’s now home to the auction house of Jean-Claude Anaf, the Brasserie de l'Est by Paul Bocuse, among other things. Focus on capturing some of the ornate details of this masterpiece.

Gare des Brotteaux Lyon by Angie McMonigal Photography

As you can see there’s a wide variety of architectural and cultural gems within a short distance from your home base at Radisson Blu Hotel, Lyon, including the hotel itself. We hope Angie’s photos have inspired you to get out and explore this diverse neighborhood for yourself!

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