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The automotive industry is one of the biggest industries in Germany, with car manufacturers like Audi, Mercedes, BMW, Porsche and Volkswagen all residing in various parts of the country. Although things are changing for the industry – particularly due to the introduction of electric cars and other alternative-fuel vehicles.

In Germany, the automotive industry and the Government are collaborating on the ‘electric mobility revolution’, which will ensure that all new cars produced after 2030 run on alternate power sources. Not surprisingly then, Germany is at the forefront of automotive design, performance, and innovation. So, where better to present your newest car or go to a car exhibition? Here’s everything you need to know about car exhibitions in Germany, including: where to host a stylish car launch and why driving electronic cars is not a problem in Germany.

The World’s Biggest Motor Show - IAA

Into cars? If so, there is no doubt then that you have already heard of the International Automobile Exhibition, or IAA (Int. Automobil-Ausstellung), that takes place in Frankfurt. This biennial motor show is one of the world’s most important trade fairs for mobility, transportation and logistics. During the event, which is open to both professionals and private visitors, you can expect to witness the biggest new car launches! The event is also an opportunity to learn about the newest trends in the automotive industry from the dedicated electrical vehicles area or the smart/connected cars exhibition area. Every year, the IAA attracts all of your favorite European car brands as well as top-industry professionals from all over the world. Make sure to stay more than one day at the trade fair in order to be able to see it all!


One Million Electric Vehicles in Germany by 2020

By 2020, Germany plans to have one million electric cars driving on the country’s streets. If you think that this will negatively impact the country’s manufacturers of gas-fueled cars, think again. In fact, the German automotive industry has contributed USD 19 billion into the project, which the German Federal Government has also supported with a USD 1.6 billion contribution. This initiative is the start of what has been called the German ‘electric mobility revolution’, which was initiated by the passing of a new ‘Electro Mobility Law’ in 2014.

Recently, Germany also announced that by 2030, all new cars have to be electric, putting a ban on gas-powered cars. The Daimler Group, which, among others, is the manufacturer of Mercedes Benz, recently announced their plan to introduce electric power trains across all brands. Also, BMW launched their i-series electrical vehicles some years ago. With such a strong alliance between the German government and the automotive industry, it appears that the electric mobility revolution is happening. In fact, you can already drive your electric car all over Germany due to the vast amount of electric power stations that are spread out across the country. Did we mention that most German Radisson Blu hotels have electronic chargers for electric cars?

eMobility Germany

Hosting Your Own Car Presentation?

Did you know that you can host something as space-consuming as car presentations in a number of German Radisson Blu hotels? When we say we have flexible, multi-purpose meeting rooms, we mean it. At the Radisson Blu Hotel, Cologne, the expansive meeting rooms are big enough to host a car launch! The exclusive Radisson Blu hotels in Berlin, Frankfurt, and Hamburg can also accommodate car presentations and events. Furthermore, as part of our Responsible Business-profile focusing on decreasing our CO2 emissions, most of our hotels in Germany feature electric car charging stations. A large number of our German hotels are also eco-labelled. This means that you can take part in a stylish car presentation or host your next business meeting with a clean conscience!

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