A Pocket Guide to Windsurfing in Cesme

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Are you a windsurfing aficionado? Or looking to test out a new water sport while on holiday? Check out out guide below for all you need to know about planning a perfect windsurfing vacation in Cesme and discover one of the best windsurfing spots in the world.

Top Windsurfing Destination

Windsurfing is a sport for those who love a little action and aren’t afraid to get wet, and Alacatı is the place to give it a go. Just moments from Cesme, Alacatı has a huge protected bay with shallow turquoise waters and is the perfect spot to dip in your fins. Being one of the top three spots in the world for the sport, this bay is favored by many, including the Windsurfing World Champion Antoine Albeau. So when planning a stay in Cesme, pack your swimsuit and be ready to get under a mast and be blown away. The season for the sport in Alacatı is from April until the end of October, with the summer months offer the best conditions.

Windsurfing in Alacati 

8 Reasons Why Cesme is Best

So why is Cesme - Alacatı the best place for windsurfing? Here are our top eight reasons:

  1. The location: the bay is protected and no boats allowed, meaning the space is all for you
  2. The water: the bay offers completely flat waters, perfect for speed and beginners
  3. The distance: the best spot is only 20 minutes from Cesme
  4. The conditions: great place to learn as the water is calm and shallow
  5. The schools: the beach has plenty of schools to help beginners get up and windsurfing faster
  6. The wind: the wind here is constant and steady, later in the afternoon the wind is strongest. Early mornings are best for beginners
  7. The prices: food, gear and lessons are cheaper than in Greece and Spain and the windsurfing is better
  8. The competitions: some Windsurfing Championships are held here and you won’t even need binoculars to watch

Dip Your Toes in the Water

It is possible to swim everywhere in Cesme, but if looking for a pristine beach, look for a blue flag as these indicate very clean water. On some beaches, there are also watersport stations where people can rent jet-skis, go wake-boarding, water skiing, and try out many other activities. If looking for a glamorous experience, the hotel has an enviable resort-style layout with both a pool and a beachfront location. Want to see more of the area? Try out one of the beach clubs at Aya Yorgi Beach like Marrakech and Sola Mare, just north of the city. If looking for great seafood, you can try the famous Dalyan Beach where fish restaurants are sure to please. Head to Pasa Limanı Beach where you can enjoy the Aqua Thermal Lounge, which boasts 50 minerals in the water and is 38 degrees Celsius. There are also great spots for kite-surfing in the area, so be sure to ask the reception for the best places depending on the season.

Radisson Blu Resort & Spa Cesme puts you in the perfect position for a waterlogged vacation. Stay right on all the best beaches for swimming and relaxing, and only a few minutes’ drive from one of the best windsurfing places in the world.

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