A taste of Aarhus

Eating out should always be a treat. Aarhus is a city of gastronomic delights and is full of great restaurants for you to dine in. Regardless of whether you prefer freshly caught fish or tender meat with locally-grown vegetables, you can find just about anything in Aarhus’ many and varied restaurants. Below are five city centre favourites:


This is one restaurant that really offers great value for your money. MellemRum is a French inspired restaurant with high quality meals and surprisingly low prices. In this budget friendly, but delightful restaurant, the passion for food shines through whether you want a steak or the fish catch of the day. This gourmet restaurant strives to give their customers an enjoyable and refined experience and is well worth a visit.

Den Rustikke

Den Rustikke is a restaurant with roots in the French/Italian farmhouse kitchen (country kitchen). The concept of this restaurant is to focus on a few dishes which makes the prices low. Good food and a service-friendly staff are always a success, and here you receive both.


This restaurant specialises in seafood. Pihlkjær offer freshly caught fish and seafood which the restaurant buys in every morning from the local fish market. Even though they pride themselves on their fish dishes, they also offer tasty meat and vegetarian dishes. The restaurant serves fresh vegetables, grown in their own garden, combined with selected ecological products sourced from their suppliers. This cosy restaurant in the centre of Aarhus is well worth trying out.

Restaurant La Pyramide

At the Radisson Blu Hotel, Aarhus’restaurant, La Pyramide, French and Italian specialities are served with a Danish flair. Light and healthy cuisine are central on the menu, along with an extensive wine list. With its friendly and service-minded staff, La Pyramide offers everything from snacks to five-coursegourmetdinners. The restaurant's talented chef and team appreciate Danish ingredients of the highest quality, which are chosen based on taste and season, are prepared with a gentle touch.


If you really want to treat yourself to something out of the ordinary, then Miro Restaurant is an excellent choice. This is actually the oldest gourmet restaurant in the city. Miro changes its menu every month in accordance with seasonal ingredients making sure that the best and freshest products are served. This restaurant is inspired by the French kitchen, but also seeks input from other countries, especially from the east.

As you see there is something for every taste in Aarhus. Whatever your dining preference is, you are guaranteed to find a place that suits you.

What do you think about our picks? Do you agree or do you have other favourites in Aarhus?

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