A tour of Copenhagen´s café culture

Whether you need a double shot of espresso as quick pick-me-up or want to linger for hours over a decadent caramel latte, Copenhagen's cafes are a source for inspiration. Bring your best friends (or a good book), pull up a chair and enjoy the finest beans in town at these top cafes.

The Coffee Collective

Coffee has become serious business in Copenhagen, and baristas rival bartenders or even sommeliers in their knowledge of specialty concoctions. This is particularly apparent at The Coffee Collective, which has three shops in and around the capital. In the newest Gothåbsvej location, less than a 15-minute walk from our Radisson Blu Scandinavia Hotel Copenhagen, you'll even find a coffee school and micro-roastery. You can pick up their sustainably produced, high-quality products at any of their stores and taste their freshly roasted beans in many cafés around the city.

Café Norden

Café Norden enjoys an enviable location smack dab in Amagertorv Square on the Stroget pedestrian street. When the weather’s nice, the café’s chairs and tables spill out into the square, where you can sit and people-watch over a plate of pancakes and ice cream. This art deco-styled café also is an excellent spot to meet up with friends for brunch, with the kitchen serving up crispy bread, homemade jam and fine cheeses well into the afternoon.

Café Europa 1989

Another café on Amagertorv Square, Café Europa 1989’s name reflects the year it was founded. Most locals just call it 'Europa,' and it’s a well-loved spot for breakfast, lunch, and a comforting cappuccino any time of day. The menu derives inspiration as much from traditional French café culture as it does from Viennese cake houses, and dishes are prepared using organic ingredients whenever possible. The café has also jumped on the molecular gastronomy bandwagon, with meat and fish cooked slowly at a low temperature to bring out flavors. The atmosphere inside is sleek and comforting, but like Norden, you can also choose to sit outside in the square and watch the world go by.


A popular spot with locals, Bankeråt also draws an international crowd with its hip multilingual staff, proudly advertising the fact that it subscribes to no less than five foreign newspapers. You’ll be greeted by a stuffed bear in waiter's garb as you walk in the door, a theme which is carried out throughout the café with its array of doll heads and stuffed animal sculptures in human dress. These have been created by local artist Filip Jensen, who has contributed to the unique décor in this quirky candlelit hangout. Aside from the usual coffee and cakes, you can dine on Spanish tapas or a full English breakfast from the eclectic menu.

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