A Tulip Inspired Delicacy from the Radisson Blu Amsterdam Airport

The fabled Keukenhof flower garden is opening its gates once again this Friday, March 20th, 2015. Not only is it one of the most colorful sights to be seen in the Netherlands, but it is a site filled with historic significance. Sure, tulips grow in gorgeous colors and sizes. But if you look past their aesthetic beauty, you will find that if you dig a little deeper, there is a greater story.

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Arriving in the country as mere stolen contraband from a Turkish botanical garden, these conspicuous bundles of beauty grew to become a coveted luxury item in the Golden Age. At the height of “Bulb Mania” they were traded for thousands of guilders by the country’s richest as a symbol of wealth and used as a form of currency, similar to gold today. Should you find yourself in the Netherlands between March and May, you will have the opportunity to learn this and much more, while strolling through a kaleidoscope of colors.


With all of this inspiration just an hour away, OTIUM Restaurant’s chef Tom Boere was inspired to create a dish in dedication: Salmon pastrami and grilled asparagus “a la mimosa.” The melt in your mouth salmon is paired with fresh just in season white asparagus, and garnished with edible flower petals. Take the time to experience the petals separately, you will find they each have a distinct taste! Some stay in a flat hum of flavor, while others send you on a savory roller coaster. The chef’s dish will be on menu throughout the month of April as an appetizer, ideally enjoyed with a nice glass of white wine.

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Our Tip: Take advantage of our complimentary shuttle service, which brings you to and from Schiphol Airport. At the airport there are tour buses every day that only transport travelers to and from the Keukenhof. You will be there in roughly 40 minutes, door to gate.

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