A guide for your first time in Marrakech

Marrakech is the shining and thriving city in Morocco, known in the world primarily for its bustling souk. If you're heading to this vibrant city for the first time, be sure to check out the other glorious attractions that are in store for you. The city has much to offer, which can be tackled in a short trip, so read on for our guide for your first trip to Marrakech so you can start planning your itinerary!

Koutoubia Mosque

This famous landmark in the center of Marrakech is one you are sure to see, no matter where in the city you are placed. It is a symbolic place of prayer and the largest Mosque in the city. This beautiful work of architecture is surrounded by a lovely park, which provides for a great photo opportunity, and it is steeped in years and years of history. However, as this is a sacred place of worship, you must be aware that only Muslims are permitted to enter the premises.

Saadian Tombs

These ancient tombs were once long forgotten about after the Warrior King Moulay Ismail sealed them up in the 1500s instead of destroying them due to his own superstitions, as it is told. Then in 1917, a French aerial survey discovered them again, just outside the Kasbah Mosque. Now, you are welcome to take a walk into two huge mausoleums decorated intricately, which would have taken a lifetime to be build. Before you head to the Saadian Tombs be sure to read about the people buried there and interesting facts about them.

Dar Si Said Museum of Moroccan Arts and Crafts

This incredible building is a monument dedicated to the master artisans of Morocco, and houses the Museum of Moroccan Arts. The walls themselves will give you pause for thought when you walk in, and the architecture is a step beyond amazing. See the oldest object in the whole city, a Spanish chest from 1000 AD and discover the Moroccan way of living as you view pieces that are still in use today in the mountains.

Gardens and Parks

Although you may associate Marrakech with orange dunes and desert, there are many beautiful gardens you can take a walk through. Pay a visit to Bahia Palace to see their wonderful mix of architecture and greenery or pop into the Menara Gardens. If you only have time to check out one garden, then the most popular is the Jardin Majorelle. Perhaps one of the most visited attractions in the whole city, these gardens are the product of 40 years of passion and are absolutely worth your time.

The inevitable Souk shopping experience

There are number of shopping experiences you can have in Marrakech but before you leave you absolutely need to head to one of their famous souks and shop like a local. The souks are chaotic and promise to send you on a whirlwind adventure of sights, smells and tastes (especially once you are persuaded to buy some delicious Moroccan pastries). The city feels like a never-ending souk but to get right in the middle of it, head to center square in Medina, Djemaa-El-Fnaa. Soak it all up and then venture into the side streets to find cool trinkets and gifts while losing yourself in the culture.

Spas and Hammams for relaxation

If you spend all day walking around discovering the city’s secrets you will probably want to wind it up in the evening with a bit of that holiday relaxation magic. Hammams and massage treatments are available everywhere but if you want to turn it into an experience then head to one of the best rates spas. The Mythic Oriental Spa, Heritage Spa and Hammam Rosa Bonheur are three spas that have wowed customers time and time again.

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