Alternative Hamburg will make you fall in love

Do you have some time to kill on a stopover in Hamburg or are you staying for a few days to get to know this beautiful, coastal city? Learn more about Hamburg’s alternative side on a fun, artsy tour!

There is nothing like getting to know the nooks and crannies of a beautiful city, especially if your guide is an insider expert who knows just what you want to see. Alternative Hamburg specialize in alternative routes and attractions in Hamburg and is the perfect choice for anyone wanting a ‘behind the scenes’ look at Germany’s second largest city.

A unique experience

We’ve reached out to co-owner Adrian Sampson to get a bit more insight into the city than what is available in your ordinary tourist brochure. After running similar projects in London and Berlin, the partners decided that Hamburg was a natural city to expand in, as it is so rich in culture. The answer to why they stand out from all the rest was simple: ‘We do our own routes, own ideas, our guides have an excellent knowledge of the areas and subject material that our tours cover. We strongly support community projects and maintaining Hamburg´s local flavors.’ With seven guides and more in training for the summer season, you can do nothing but expect a truly unique experience when these locals show you their favorite spots.

Urban street art and enticing stories

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Adrian tells us that they choose their routes based on what they find interesting, places that have unique stories and that reflect the charm of the city. You’ll be able to tour the areas of the city that have a strong urban character and vibe. There are no age restrictions and the different tours fit everyone from business travelers to backpackers. If you’re staying at Radisson Blu Hotel, Hamburg Airport, this is the perfect way to get a speedy, alternative tour of the city. Adrian’s personal favorite is the Street Art Workshop Where you get to know the city and have the chance to be super creative.

Show off your creative skills

The workshops are one of the most popular activities, especially for groups. They have appealing team-building elements and it’s always exciting to explore different sides of each other that you might not get to see that often. We asked Adrian how they came up with the idea of doing these workshops, and he replied ‘We think it´s wonderful for guests to not only see the art on the streets but also learn how to do it.  Even those people who didn´t think they had it in them are very surprised of what they can make. It is also very pleasing for us as guides to see people being happy about what they´ve achieved. We´ve been doing these workshops for about eight years now in Berlin and London and it was natural to offer this tour in Hamburg as well.’

A few of your favorite things

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Adrian explains that everyone loves the “off-the-wall” stories and that most guests are intrigued by the inside information their dedicated guides provide. Many are fascinated with the graffiti and the ever-changing face of the city, while others listen carefully when presented to the tales of the past. He also points out that one of the highlights is when the group randomly runs into an artist and gets to see the process. Depending on how much time you have and what you want to see, you can choose from several different tours. ‘The Free walking tour is a great way to get insight into how the city works from a local perspective. It´s an interesting two hour walk through the streets and lesser known parts of Hamburg’ Adrian explains. If you are part of a larger group or just want an even more personal experience, you can try out the private tour. This way you get to choose what you want to focus on and where you want to go, while getting interesting facts from your guide and finding new favorite spots in the city.

There is no doubt that you’ll be in love with the city and all its hidden spots and secrets after you’ve let Alternative Hamburg’s guides show you the city highlights. Get to know your artsy side with Adrian and his crew the next time you visit Germany’s northern gem.

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